Bishop Sankey   RB   Washington


Bishop is one of the most complete running backs in this draft. He has good size and strength and his balance, vision and lateral agility is excellent. He has the natural athletic talent to explode off his lateral agility that the top running backs in the NFL have to have to be able to compete in any style of offensive system. He does a good job pass blocking and, because of his quickness, is able to cross over on the snap and pick up a blitzing linebacker instead of having to be moved over to the other side before the snap of the ball. Bishop is a hunt and peck type of running back because of his unique natural ability to explode off his lateral agility. This makes him very easy to block for; if an offensive lineman doesn’t make his block like it was drawn up, Bishop can adjust and still make yardage. Once Bishop breaks the line of scrimmage, he has the speed to take it all the way. He does a good job running between the tackles and is not the type of running back that breaks everything to the outside because of his speed. He is smart and understands the big picture when it comes to the running game. Bishop has excellent hands to catch the ball down the field and in the red zone can be used on the outside or in the slot as a receiver.

All running backs have to get used to the hitting at the next level and fumbling is always a concern. Bishop runs high through the tackles because he runs from a spread offense. If he gets his pad level down a little more he can gain a lot more yardage through the tackles and won’t have to worry about fumbling the ball. He is smart and seems to recognize were the blitz is coming from but he has to improve his blocking techniques or he will not be dependable.

Bishop will be downgraded for two reasons: the value of the running back position and his size. Both of these downgrades are a big mistake because Bishop knows how to run the ball and stay away from injuries. In spite of everyone suggesting this is a passing league, every team needs the threat of a running game to be successful and win games. Like I said before, Bishop is a complete running back with the natural ability to explode off his lateral agility and make strong cuts in the hole. He doesn’t need much room between the tackles to break the big play like most running backs need. He doesn’t need a hole the width of a Buick to run through in order to gain yardage. His size is a big advantage for him between the tackles because he doesn’t out run his blocks and he can hide behind those big offensive linemen and wait for a small crease, then explode through it. He is mostly a north-south runner and doesn’t break outside until the play dictates that to him. He reacts to his blockers and what is happening as the play progresses. This kid is a hell of a complete running back, is very underrated and at some point in this draft the team that selects him is going to get an impact player who can carry the offense running game if you ask him to.

Drew Boylhart