Blake Bortles   QB   Central Florida


Blake has the size, arm strength, athletic talent and football intelligence to be considered the top quarterback in this draft. He is very strong in the pocket in spite of the fact that most of the time he is in a pro spread offense. He shows on film good accuracy and anticipation when he throws the ball and is very accurate when he breaks containment and throws on the run. Blake shows excellent leadership skills, is smart and reads defenses better than most quarterbacks going in the draft. He is a lot faster than he looks because of his size and will extend the play or gain the needed yardage on third and short (or long) if he has to run. Blake has the athleticism and quick feet to play under center. Under pressure and in the pocket he doesnít panic or speed up his arm speed causing accuracy mistakes. He is cool and makes the players around him better. Every game I have seen him in this year he improves and becomes more confident in his decision making and pre-snap reads. I call him Blake (2 guns) Bortles because he has two guns to beat you with -- his arm and his legs. Donít forget his brain, thatís a weapon too but I donít think three guns is as dramatic as two guns.

Blake has a decision to make whether to come out or not. He is a red shirt junior and the truth is after this year he has nothing more to learn or give his team at the college level. He has more to learn about reading defense, but thatís the norm for every quarterback coming out in the draft and he is not going to get any better learning that at the college level. Blake needs to go to the next level now and I donít say that about a lot of juniors unless they show the maturity on the field that Blake showed this year.

Blakeís style of play is very much like Andrew Luckís. Same size, arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, and football intelligence. His leadership skills are excellent and he can become a franchise quarterback very quickly at the next level for the team that drafts him. A franchise quarterback is a quarterback who can open the running game up with his accurate passing. He makes teams play the safeties back and off the line because of his ability to make all the throws with accuracy and make good decisions in his pre-snap reads and under pressure. Blake has the potential to be one of those types of quarterbacks and when you think you see a player like thatÖyou draft him and you draft him early. If I had the 1st pick in the draft and needed a quarterback, I would not hesitate to select Blake because he has that type of franchise potential and he is further along in his ability to run any style offense than most junior or senior quarterbacks in this draft. Right now Blake is way under the radar like so many other quarterbacks in this draft because of all the marketing being done by the more highly thought of college programs. The first time I saw Blake, he made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and when that happens I go deep into evaluating because I need to understand why I had that type of reaction. As of this writing I have to consider Blake as one (if not the) top quarterback in this very deep quarterback draft class. Itís early and being considered the top quarterback for me personally could change but what will not change is consideration for Blake being considered (by me) as one of the top 10 players in this draft.

Drew Boylhart