Bradley Roby   CB   Ohio St


Bradley has the size, strength, speed, quickness and football intelligence to be an impact cornerback for the team that drafts him. He is a willing tackler and a strong tackler. He also does a nice job playing on special teams on the coverage unit. He shows the make-up speed that allows him to commit errors and still make plays. He has good hands to intercept the ball and is smart when he plays in zone coverage. He likes the challenge of playing one-on-one with the best receiver on the field and has the mental toughness to turn the page when he gets beat. When playing bump-and-run or single coverage, Bradley reads the receiver and most of the time doesnít look into the backfield too early. He understands down and distance as well as receiver routes to calculate the likely route that will be run against him in certain situations. He will shed blocks, make tackles and will support the run as soon as he recognizes that someone is running; however, he will not make the mistake of run first and leave his man too soon. Bradley has that swagger that you like to see in a top cornerback.

Bradley will get beat on double moves at the college level. This will be magnified at the next level in spite of his athleticism and his make-up speed. You also have to do your homework on his background issues but Iím not convinced they are issues that will affect his draft status that much. He seems to be a loner on the field, not interacting much with his teammates, but in his defense, he never seems to be out of position or missing his assignments. He has an arrogant style of play that might turn some teams off when he is interviewed and that, along with an off-field altercation, might be enough to affect his draft status.

Some players just want to be left alone to do the job and Bradley strikes me as that type of person. They coach themselves and learn from their own mistakes on the field and off. They do things their way as it is the best for them and they donít worry about how others do their jobs. Bradley is very smart, and he has excellent talent, but if youíre looking for a cheerleader type of player, I think youíre looking in the wrong direction thinking Bradley will be that type of guy. He does an excellent job playing cornerback and he is proud of the job he does. My advice: draft him, put him on the field and leave him alone. He will produce and do whatever you ask of him and if he makes a mistake, you donít have to get on him about it. He gets on himself, learns quickly and then turns the page. Bradleyís confidence in his own athletic talents may get him beat sometimes, but it wonít get him beat often. He is very underrated right now, but the closer we get to draft day, the more I think teams will be talking about him.

Drew Boylhart