Brock Jensen   QB   North Dakota St


Brock is the quintessential definition of a sleeper. He has the size, arm strength and decision making ability of the top quarterbacks in this draft class. He plays under center as well as in the shotgun and shows the accuracy from both that you look for in a quarterback to be successful at the next level. Brock plays with a Mr. Miyagi type of calmness. By that I mean he is cool in the pocket and knows how to slide with little effort and still deliver the ball with accuracy. He doesn’t change his arm speed when under pressure and with his size and arm strength, can deliver the ball with good velocity from different angles. Brock shows on film the leadership skills that are far beyond the college level at which he played. His maturity and calmness on the field is unique. Brock is a winner who doesn’t settle for field goals in the red zone and shows the athletic talent to move the ball and gain the needed yardage on third downs. At the same time he is not reckless with his decisions of when to run the ball himself. This kid could be something special.

You do worry about the level of competition, but the level of competition at which NDST is pretty good. That’s about it, the rest of his game needs the normal tweaking in his mechanics etc, but his ability to play from the pocket is as good as anyone’s in this draft. Things will be faster at the next level but I have no doubt that Brock will handle that given the time.

Brock has a little bit of that Andrew Luck vibe about his play, but he is calmer in the pocket. You can’t be looking at film of this team and not notice Brock and his arm strength, leadership skills, accuracy and his ability to play under center and score in the red zone. I’m not sure how much more obvious he could be and still not be noticed or talked about at all. His left tackle gets invited to the Senior Bowl, but Brock who plays THE most important position for the next level, doesn’t even get an invite to the Shrine game. Brock’s career stats suggest that he should have been invited to one of those games. He threw for 72 TD’s with 21 interceptions – shouldn’t that alone pique your interest? How is it that the Left Tackle gets more attention than the QB on that team? Brock is not a running Quarterback, he is a “play from the pocket passer” who is 6’3” 220 lbs who runs a 4.60 to 4.70 with a strong arm and doesn’t sit in the pocket with cement shoes on, who can slide and reset and throw the ball with accuracy. Brock wasn’t even invited to the combine. All I can tell you is what I see on film and what I see on film when I watch Brock is a starting NFL quarterback with the potential to be something special. He doesn’t have an agent that contacts the media to talk about him to push him up the boards. He just knows how to play the game of football and has the talent and size that every team is looking for in an NFL quarterback. If I had a starting quarterback with some age I would be looking at selecting Brock early in this draft but that’s why we use the two board system. I mean, why select him early if no one seems to feel about him as I do? You wait and you look for his name on Rob’s board and, if you don’t find it, you discuss with everyone in the room what round you might be the most comfortable drafting Brock in. I don’t think I could wait very much past the 3rd round but that’s just me, the BS detector...the only Draftnik who is willing to look at a player on film and wonder why others who say they watch film don’t see what I see. I mean really if you’re looking at the Left Tackle on this team, you had to see Brock -- or you need a seeing eye dog.

Drew Boylhart