Brock Vereen   S/CB   Minnesota


Brock has the cover skills teams are looking for in a safety. He has good size and is very smart. He shows excellent leadership skills and the strength to be used as a bump corner inside the red zone if needed. He is a ball hawk and inside the red zone, he will drive a quarterback crazy trying to manipulate him to keep him away from the prime receiver. Brock shows good feet and balance to flip his hips when covering against the bigger slot receivers. He will fight for the ball in the air and does a good job when asked to play in the box against the run. When he plays up close to the line Brock is very adept at shocking and shedding those bigger offensive linemen, using the techniques that most linebackers are suppose to use and donít. Brock does a solid job tackling and has the ability to be a coach on the field.

Brock doesnít have the quick twitch or makeup speed to be the type of safety who could play in any style of defense. He also lacks the bulk to play up in the box at the next level. He makes all the tackles, but has a habit of not bringing his feet; therefore, he lunges and at the next level there will be bigger players who will break that style of tackling. Thatís not good for a safety, so he has to improve his tackling techniques. When Brock gets beatÖhe gets beat and seems to play with only one speed. Thatís fine if he is playing off the line, but up close in coverage that can become a problem unless he has help behind him.

Brock is a very good player, but he does have limitations. He lacks the speed, quickness in coverage and the size/bulk to be a starting safety. He is a pure free safety for the next level and inside the red zone he can become very valuable. As long as he plays off the line and improves his tackling techniques there is no reason why Brock canít become a starting free safety at the next level. He reminds me of a more athletic and bigger version of Jim Leonard because of his football intelligence and leadership skills. Brock should be a very good special teams player on the coverage units and might be sure handed returning punts when a team needs a player back there who is smart and knows what to do when the ball is kicked inside the twenty yard line. Brock is the type of player the coaches love, teammates respect and smart fans learn to appreciate but he is limited to playing free safety or being used in nickel/dime packages.

Drew Boylhart