Bryn Renner   QB   North Carolina


Bryn is your sleeper quarterback in this draft. He is very smart with good overall athletic skills. He has a strong arm and throws the ball with a tight spiral, good velocity and accuracy. He shows the quick feet to be able to set up and play in any style of offensive system under center or in the shot gun pro style spread offense. Bryn likes to play from the pocket and get the ball out quickly but he is tough and will take a hit to make that tough throw that separates the good quarterbacks from the better quarterbacks. He shows on film excellent leadership skills and is in total control mentally of the offense he is running. Bryn understands situational football and he understands the running game. He understands pre snap reads and is the type of quarterback who will continue to grow mentally and has the character to compete when adversity strikes. Like I stated before Bryn is your sleeper quarterback in this draft.

His size will be an issue for some teams and right now he has shoulder and foot injuries so he might not be able to work out before the draft, but if he can, he will move up on a lot of teamís boards. He has a good arm but itís not the bazooka that most teams fall in love with. When he throws deep he has a habit of trying to guide the ball instead of just letting it go. This can be overcome with trust in the receivers he throws to and good coaching. Add all of these issues up and you have a quarterback who might not be drafted in spite of the film if he canít work out.

Turn the film on and you will see a quarterback who is efficient, in control, able to make the tough throws, and knows how to addible into the correct running play. I know his coaches call the plays in a no huddle offense but Bryn makes those plays and makes the correct decisions once the play is in motion. Bryn can make that third and long throw when everyone on the field knows he has to make it. He makes that throw because of the correct pre snap read and excellent anticipation to go along with very good accuracy when he just lets the ball go. He plays with excellent mechanics to make the throw under pressure and he gets the ball away quickly and this helps his offensive lineman. He slides in the pocket and can throw from the pocket under pressure because he keeps his balance and sets his feet. Bryn is very good once he gets into the Red Zone and if its third and long he makes the right read and hits the receiver in the hands every time and thatís all you can ask from any quarterback. Like I stated before, Bryn is your sleeper quarterback and the type of player that once he is on the field he wonít come off. Thatís if he can stay injury free! Bryn reminds me a lot of former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger

Drew Boylhart