CJ Fiedorowicz   TE   Iowa


CJ can catch the ball. He has soft hands that seem to cradle the ball instead of just catching the ball. In the red zone (if he can get free), he can be a touchdown maker and an offensive coordinatorís best friend. CJ has excellent size to be an inline blocking tight end and along with those soft hands that milking cows are begging for him to use on them, he has great potential to be a solid all around type of tight end that most teams donít use any more. CJ has the size that makes it easy for quarterbacks to see down the field and can make the tough catch down the slot or over the middle to move the chains. CJ has the size to be a solid tight end for the team that selects him and with a little more work he could be more than just a ďred zone/move the chainsĒ type of receiver.

CJ doesnít have much speed to his game. Iíve seen people speed walking to work on the streets of New York City that are faster. He also is an inconsistent blocker. He lacks the strength in his legs and upper body to be effective blocking for the run and seems to have very little lateral agility to help out when pass blocking. He gets very little separation when he runs his routes; in fact, his best move is to drive his shoulder into his opponentís chest to get any kind of separation. This little trick works well in the red zone when the routes are more timing routes and the ball has to be out quicker. He seems to lack instincts (and doesnít understand or read defenses) to cut off routes and help his quarterback out. This is a skill (because of his lack of speed) that he needs to acquire quickly or he wonít make much of an impact in the NFL. CJ has to get stronger so he can block better and break tackles to make yards after the catch. Right now he catches the ball and because he lacks quick feet and balance and goes down right away. He is easy to tackle and thatís not good for a tight end with his lack of speed.

Right now CJ talents of catching the ball are masking his lack of speed and explosiveness and his lack of ability to block. If he were faster and quicker and more explosive then I could see people being excited about him and think that he has impact talent for the next level. But he is not faster and quicker or more explosive off the line of scrimmage along with not being able to separate and he is not a very good blocker. He can catch the ball and I do see why some teams might think that when CJ becomes faster and quicker and more explosive that he could become an impact pass catching tight end who could split the safeties and make teams not double team the wide outs. CJ can improve his route running and anticipation and reading defenses and his blocking techniques, but he canít improve his speed. His speed is his speed and he runs too slow to be a down the field pass catching tight end. His impact for the next level can be as a sold in line blocking tight end that can make the tough catch in the red zone and move the chains on third downs. I think CJ thinks he is a pass catching tight end for the next level because thatís the way he was used by his college. Iím not sure he understands the amount of work that is ahead of him butÖhe can catch the ball.

Drew Boylhart