CJ Mosley   LB   Alabama


CJ is a smart, athletic linebacker who can play more than one linebacker position in multiple styles of defenses. He has the ability to cover running backs out of the backfield as well as the bulk to make tackles in the hole. He makes the players around him better because of his football intelligence and leadership skills. In the right defense, CJ will make impact plays all over the field. He will be the quarterback of your defense on the field and the type of linebacker you can build your defense around. He has the football intelligence of a Teddy Bruschi, the leadership skills of a London Fletcher, and the athletic talent of a Ray Lewis and I would think that a combination of all this type of talent in one player would make CJ a player most teams would have rated very high on their boards on draft day. Thatís why I call him CJ (Combo) Mosley.

CJ needs to be in a defense that allows him the freedom to run to the play with 4 big bodies in front of him. He can play in any style of defense, but if you make him take on those big guards and centers play after play, he will wear down and be less impacting. He also needs to finish his tackles by wrapping up better and bringing his feet all the time.

Itís a no brainer to me that CJ will impact if he plays a position that allows him to play more in space like a MLB in a 4-3 defense that plays 2 gap, or as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Because of his lack of height and length I think teams that run a 3-4 defense might not rate him that high on their boards but teams with 4-3 defenses will most likely rate him higher on their boards. This will affect what round CJ will be drafted in and at what point of that round he could be drafted. This is the politics of the draft and itís why we use the two board system. CJ can be an impact player or a very good player depending on the defense he plays in and the style of that defense. But donít forget this: No matter what defense he plays in, he still will be a coach on the field and make the players around him better. That combo of leadership skills and football intelligence are the facts and cannot be disputed.

Drew Boylhart