Carl Bradford   OLB   Arizona St


Carl has some impressive numbers from the combine. He has played with his hand down and as a stand up Defensive End for his college team. He shows a decent burst off the line of scrimmage and can get into the backfield quickly when he gets a good jump on the ball. He has been used on stunts and does a good job working with his teammates on the line of scrimmage. Carl shows the athleticism to change positions and thatís a good thing because, as a defensive end or rush linebacker, Carl has done a solid job at the college level but that might not be the position for him to impact at the next level.

As a rush linebacker or defensive end for his college team, Carl does not play to his athletic talent or combine numbers. He does not get off blocks or make tackles and, in spite of the fact that he has a little bit of ďget up and goĒ off the line of scrimmage, he does not possess many pass rushing moves that make you think he can be an impact pass rusher at the next level. I donít see much football instinct or intelligence in his play and he has struggled to improve in any aspect of his overall game this year. Itís possible that Carl is thinking too much which is hindering him from using all of his athletic talent.

If Carl is thinking too much now and it is hindering his ability to use his athletic talent and impact, just think what will happen at the next level when thinking and reacting is even more of a priority? I think it will be very hard for Carl to make a team from what I see from his play on film -- but anything is possible. I think I might look at him as a possible inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense and if he can impact on special teams for a few years and learn a new position itís possible for Carl to become a pretty good player. Anything is possible because of Carlís workout numbers. Those workout numbers suggest that deep inside of this kid is a possible NFL player but remember, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and right now from the film I have Carl, he is going to need more than talent. I can see Carl being used and rushing the quarterback from the inside as a inside linebacker and causing some havoc. I think he could be a solid inside linebacker and maybe turn into a player similar to the Jetsí David Harris but he has to become more of a leader and let his athletic talent come out more. I believe it will be a long road for Carl at the next level, but not an impossible road if he wants it badly enough.

Drew Boylhart