Carlos Hyde   RB   Ohio St


Carlos has the size, speed, quickness, lateral agility and vision at the line of scrimmage to be a franchise running back for the team that drafts him. He shows good hands to catch the ball on screen plays and the quickness to turn it up the field and gain the needed yardage. Carlos is a power runner, but he is not just a between the tackle power runner because of his vision and lateral agility. He is excellent at going across the formation at the snap of the ball to pick up a blitzing linebacker or safety when pass blocking. Carlos is a weapon in the passing game as well as the running game and he will be able to stay on the field for any down and distance. It would not surprise me on third and short that Carlos has the hands to use him in the slot and on wheel routes. He has Marshawn Lynch talent with the ability to carry an offense like former Atlanta Falcons RB Michael Turner.

The only person who will stop Carlos from impacting at the next level is Carlos. Teams will need to do their homework on off field issues, but when push comes to shove, if you need a franchise back sometimes you have to draft them and pray. As long his off field issues are not drug related or domestic violence issues, you draft him and pray.

Carlos has everything you need in a running back. The Atlanta Falcons found out quickly that replacing Michael Turner was not as easy as they thought. Seattle Seahawks’ offense struggles when Marshawn Lynch is out of the line up no matter how many media people think otherwise. Buffalo Bills don’t get that Fred Jackson is the key to a successful offense and keep taking him off the field disrupts the rhythm of the offense and creates inconsistency. Running backs with the talent to dominate an opponent’s defensive game plan are worth their weight in gold. Don’t believe that this is a passing league. Most offenses that do not have the THREAT of a consistent running game lack a consistent offense. Carlos will give your team that constant threat and will dominate an opponent’s defensive game plan and that is the style of offense that is usually in the Super Bowl every year. Remember -- passing the ball scores points, but running the ball wins games.

Drew Boylhart