Charles Sims   RB   West Virginia


Charles reminds me a little bit of RB Ben Tate. He has good athletic talent and has the hands to catch the ball and because of this will be able to play more than one position in your offensive system. He has the speed that will draw the attention of offensive coordinators and the size to impact as a running back or receiver. Charles is a one cut type of runner, but he does possess the agility to make players miss once he breaks the line of scrimmage. He can catch the ball down the field and has the body control and concentration to adjust to the ball in the air and make the difficult catch. Charles does a good job following his blockers outside the tackles and when he makes his cut, he shows an excellent burst to gain the needed yardage. He is difficult to bring down in the open field and can break a big play at any time during a game.

Charles is an upright runner, which makes him a fit for the teams that use a spread offense. He has the ability to be used as a slot receiver or even as a wide-out, but if used that way will have to learn the route tree and how to run routes better which might take some time. He doesnít run strong through the tackles because he runs up right and doesnít show the leg strength to break the tackles of the bigger LB and defensive linemen. He can be brought down in open space with arm tackles and in general lacks the instincts of a true running back and shows more promise as a receiver because of his ability to catch the ball. Charles also is not a very good pass blocker and although he has some lateral agility he doesnít read defenses very well, is off balance most of the time and uses poor techniques to make his blocks. Charles doesnít seem to play special teams at this point and I would think that with his abilities to catch the ball, returning punts and kickoffs would be a natural fit for him. I donít have any film on him that shows him doing this.

Charles reminds me of Ben Tate when he runs because of his size and gate, but I think he will have more impact as a slot receiver or move receiver than at the running back position. He seems to be a jack of all trades type of player because of his athletic talents, but the truth is because of his poor blocking skills you canít use him as a third down back unless he improves drastically in reading defense and his blocking techniques, which would take some time. I believe using him more as a receiver makes a lot more sense to me and will get him on the field faster and allow him to impact quickly. If Charles can return punts and kickoffs, Iím sure teams will look at selecting him earlier in the is draft than I have him rated; however, right now for me, I see a specialty player who might have to be moved to a different position and who doesnít seem to play special teams. Charlesí workouts will be very important for him and could move him up in this draft higher than I have him graded, but right now what I see is what I see.

Drew Boylhart