Chaz Sutton   DE/OLB   South Carolina


Chaz has excellent potential to be a more impactful player at the next level than he was at the college level. He is very athletic and can play multiple positions in a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense. He shows a good burst off the line and the balance and change of direction skills to finish the play in the backfield. Chaz is solid against the run and although he has played inside and outside in a four down defensive front, his impact position might be as a OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense or as a pure DE in a 4-3 defense because of his foot speed, agility, long arms and long legs that allow him to get into the backfield quickly along with the ability to cover in short drops off the line of scrimmage. Chaz is an excellent teammate working with his line mates on stunts and is the type of player who is assignment savvy. By that I mean he does what the coaches tell him to do on every down. Sometimes this is a gift and sometimes itís a curse.

Chaz needs to get out of the showdown with his line mate. He also needs to start thinking more about his own play and how he can improve and become better than his line mate because he has almost as much athletic ability. Chazís biggest hurdle that he has to overcome for the next level is to stop ďsettlingĒ for being second best. He has as much athletic talent and football intelligence to be as good, if not better than his more famous line mate. Is Chaz a follower or a leader? Right now heís a follower. Interviews will be the key for Chaz to convince teams that he is ready to step out of the shadows.

I look for my sleepers in the Division I schools. Others want to find that player in the small school they think will be a standout at the next level. Chaz has been a good teammate and has not taken full advantage of his talents and that is disturbing. He has played in 50 games at the college level and had 75 tackles, 20 tackles for losses and 9 sacks. Thatís not very impressive compared to his athletic talents. Then again, playing with a line mate who has the athletic gift of the Gods does not leave much room for anyone else to gain very many impressive stats. Add to that the fact that Chaz was moved around the defensive line playing inside and outside depending on the down and distance and you can see that maybe, just maybe, Chaz was the player who took on the double teams (at the line of scrimmage) from those big guards and tackles that allowed his teammate to go up against less athletic players to pad his stats. Now thatís a possibility donít you think? I mean when I look at the film and see Chaz working inside against a tackle and a guard and his line mate working against a double team of a tight end and a running back after he gets a free burst off the line I have to wonder. Both players are about the same size with about the same workout numbers but one line mate has to move all around the defense while the other plays one position and is only moved around when he is being ineffective. So you tell me who will be the better player at the next level? I guess we all shall see in a few years. Chaz has excellent potential, but he has a problem. Can he become a standout leader and better overall player for the team that selects him or will he just be a follower like he has been at the college level and settle to just be a rotation pass rusher who never lives up to his athletic talent? I think there is a leader hiding somewhere deep inside of this kid just dying to get out.

Drew Boylhart