Cody Latimer   WR   Indiana


Cody has excellent potential to be a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him. He reminds me a lot of Andre Johnson. He has good straight line speed and excellent size. He is a powerful receiver with strong hands to catch the ball and move the chains. He is not just a possession receiver; he has long speed, can get deep and keep his concentration to catch the ball at the top of the route. Because of his straight line speed, most college teams played him with a big cushion, which might indicate that Cody is a possession receiver, but the truth is he can get deep with long strides and, with a quarterback who can extend plays, Cody will become a weapon. Cody likes the physical part of receiving. He uses his body well and loves to go up in traffic and snatch the ball making the difficult catch to electrify his teammates and the crowd. Heís a solid blocker who is willing to give the effort and finish his blocks once he gets on his man. Cody will give you some run after the catch yardage because in the open field after he catches the ball, he has that Tight End mentality to use his strength and be a physical runner.

Cody lacks the lateral agility to run all the routes and get separation. He doesnít explode off the line and it takes him a bit to get into his routes, but he gains speed quickly with his long stride which will be very difficult to cover on deep routes. Due to his size and strength as well as the fact he likes contact, his lack of explosion of the line can be easily overcome by learning the same techniques that Andre Johnson uses to get free against man-to-man coverage. I donít see a problem with Cody learning those techniques, but it will take time for him to use them consistently. Cody will need to learn how to read defenses so he is on the same page as his QB. Cutting off routes and adjusting routes must become a priority for him to impact consistently.

Cody is a natural #2 receiver with the ability to move the chains because of his size, strength, strong hands and the fact that he will catch the ball in traffic. Those same qualities will also make him a big target in the red zone also. Cody is excellent at getting free on double moves, but to go to the next level and to use the long speed that he has in the middle of the field, Cody will have to learn the tricks of the trade. He will need to work every route on the route tree to become a consistent deep threat and #1 receiver. Cody will have to learn how to use his hands against single coverage as well as how to engage and use a swim move to get inside a corner. He will have to learn to raise his elbows in tight coverage down the field to throw a cornerback off balance at just the right time in order to gain separation and catch the ball. Cody will have to become one of those receivers you throw the ball to when he is not open because once the ball is in the air he will become open. Cody will have to learn the art of pushing off and not getting a penalty. That means he has to learn about his opponent and go through the league a few times to learn how the referees will make calls against him. This takes time, but while he is learning, he still can be very productive and dangerous for smaller corners to cover. He will move the chains against zone coverage and be a weapon in the red zone catching touchdowns. Thatís pretty good, but for Cody, there can be more. It depends on how long it takes him to learn the tricks of the trade to run all the routes on the route tree and be open when everyone in the stadium knows the ball has to come to him to make the big play in the game. Thatís a franchise receiver -- one who destroys double coverage and makes the play when everyone knows the ball has to come to him deep or short. Cody has this potential, but itís all up to him.

Drew Boylhart