Connor Shaw   QB   South Carolina


Connor plays bigger than his size. He has a strong arm and shows very good accuracy. He is very smart and his pre-snap skills of reading defenses is more mature than most quarterbacks coming out in a draft. He is tough and plays from the pocket in a spread offense. He shows that he is a leader through his play on the field and seems to have the respect of his teammates and coaches. Connor understands how to play his position and when to take calculated chances to make the impact play. He has the accuracy to make the impact throw at the most crucial time of a game and is able to lead his team and keep his team in the game right until the last play. Connor is the type of player (because of his toughness and ability to take the big hit) who makes his teammates want to help him and play better for him. He moves the chains and, in the red zone, is as talented as any quarterback in this draft. He has the quarterback skills to start and become a solid player for the team that selects him.

Connor is vertically challenged, which will make some teams take him off their boards. It will also make some teams not think of him as a priority free agent -- all because of his size. Thatís just the way it is, some things will never changeÖuntil you change them yourself.

Remember, I donít tell you what round a player will be drafted in; Rob does that with the value board on THR. The truth is, Connor may not be drafted at all and for some teams (because of his size) may not be a rookie free agent priority. I feel he has the talent to start and certainly has the talent to be a backup. When I see other quarterbacks in this draft that are taller, but donít have the skills that Connor has, it is frustrating. Connor will manage the game plan and not make the mistakes; he will challenge your starting quarterback for that position. If he gets on the field, he will produce right away and, if he plays four games while your starting quarterback is out, he will win at least two of them. He has the same skills as Russell Wilson. So if youíre looking for a quarterback who will challenge your starter, come into game and win it on moxie alone as well as start and get your team into the playoffs, why would you take him off your board or not draft him because of his height? I say draft him and COACH; stop looking for the strong armed quarterbacks in the late rounds who canít make a decision in the bathroom to sit down or stand up, let alone a critical game-time decision. Select a quarterback that is ready to play; one that can impact and win games NOW.

Drew Boylhart