Cyril Richardson   OG   Baylor


Cyril is a big, powerful offensive guard with solid athletic talent to play his position at a high level for the team that selects him in this draft. He has good enough foot speed to go out and block at the second level. He can be used in a short “between the tackles” pulling offensive line system and does a solid job blocking in pass protection with enough athletic talent to eventually play at either guard position. He has good mental strength and gives excellent effort on every play. He plays with the pride an offensive lineman needs to play with; he meets challenges and improves as the game goes on. Cyril, given the time to mature and learn better techniques, has the potential to become a Pro Bowl guard for the team that drafts him.

Cyril has the potential, but his techniques are very poor right now because of the system he played in at the college level. He plays too high against the run and the pass; because of this, he can be easily moved around. He lacks the lateral agility to play in just any type of offensive line blocking scheme. Cyril is easily bull rushed and gives up too much ground when he is pass blocking. When he blocks for the run, he is way too high and stands up straight before he engages. As a positive, there is high reward if Cyril will work hard to correct these issues and I think from what I see on the film he will do just that.

What impresses me the most about Cyril is that he finds away to get the job done in spite of the fact that the offensive system he played in did not fit his athletic talents. He needs to play in an offensive line system that has tight splits because he lacks strong lateral agility and will get beat in pass protection in a spread offensive system at the next level. A play action vertical offense would be a better fit for Cyril’s athletic talents and this will affect his draft status for most teams. Once he learns to play more in a three point stance and fires out when run blocking, Cyril should become an excellent all around offensive guard who could play on the left or right side at a very high level. It might take some time, but Cyril looks to be very smart. Give him a year to adjust and Cyril will be knocking on the door of starting and become one of the most consistent offensive lineman for your team. That’s if he plays in the right system.

Drew Boylhart