Daniel McCullers   DT   Tennessee


Daniel is the size of a Winnebago. You canít meet Daniel between two buildings in an alley because he takes up the entire alley. He was 6í 7Ē 325 lbs at the combine and showed surprising athleticism and agility. He can play multiple positions in any style of defensive front. He has long arms that make it easy to keep players off his body and make tackles. His legs are so long it takes him just two strides to get into the backfield and give a quarterback a heart attack before he can get rid of the ball. Throwing over this kid is just about impossible and if your team is in a division that doesnít have many athletic quarterbacks, Daniel should be listed high on your draft board. He shows excellent quickness off the snap -- enough to play in a 1-gap defense and be very disruptive. Daniel has the ability to tie up two blockers on every down and keep them right on the line of scrimmage and if you donít account for him on every play, he will make an impact play against your offense. I have seen Daniel early in his college career dominate; unfortunately, I havenít seen much of that domination this year.

There are a lot of issues and concerns about Daniel; if there wasnít, he would be considered a top ten pick in this draft. His lack of effort on every play is a big question mark. He stands up too quickly and can be moved out of his gap when blocked one-on-one or when he gets doubled by smart offensive linemen that use good leverage against him. He doesnít use his hands very well to shed blocks or make tackles in the hole and doesnít wrap up consistently. He has long arms, but on passing downs, he doesnít get them up and knock down passes like he should. Think about it: he is 6í 7Ē with a 35Ē wing span. Knocking down passes should be his biggest asset. Once he is engaged with a blocker, he stops moving his feet which makes him easy to block. Iím not convinced of his football intelligence and instincts because he seems to lack motivation and anticipation on downs he should be licking his chops at dominating. You have to question Danielís lack of aggressiveness, motivation and down and distance knowledge. At least I do.

When I watch Daniel on film, I know he can play much better because the athleticism is there and I have watched him in past years play much better than he did in his senior year. This kid is not just a big lump out on the field. He can move and he can play. I hope Daniel is a genius in another field as he needs another plan besides football unless he wants to get his head out of his buttocks and play the game the way he did in his earlier years of college. When I watch him on film I have to say, I hope this kid has a Plan B to make a lot of money in case he doesnít play football. At 6í 7Ē 325 lbs, there is a lot that will have to be special made for him to accommodate his size. My advice to him is to start playing the way I saw him play in his earlier years or he will struggle to make an NFL team. I would sit this kid down and tell him the reality of the world without college and the money he could make playing football. There are times when you take a chance on a player who has the talent to impact like Daniel has -- if he decides to play. Danielís potential to impact would make me look at him earlier in this draft than I have him rated; thatís if his background check is clean and he interviews well. If everything checked out, I would risk drafting Daniel in the 2nd or 3rd round and definitely with compensatory picks at the end of the third round. Sometimes you have to take a chance, a calculated risk because the draft is really just full of taking calculated risks and chances anyway and selecting Daniel will truthfully just be another one

Drew Boylhart