David Fales   QB   San Jose St


David has good overall athletic talent and size to play his position. He is very coachable and does an excellent job running the offense and showing leadership skills that are needed for the next level. He is smart and has enough arm strength to be successful at the next level. David does a nice job playing from the pocket; he has the quick feet needed to play under center, take the drops and throw in rhythm. His mechanics and his consistency throwing have improved dramatically from last year, which shows the needed work ethic a person must have to succeed at the next level. David still has some work ahead of him, but he shows on film the overall attributes to be a potential starting quarterback at the next level.

David does lack the arm strength you would like to see in a quarterback for the next level, but his biggest problem is still his mechanics. Mentally, David has to accept his lack of arm strength and stop trying to fit the ball into tight spots that at the next level will lead to interceptions. When he tries to have more velocity on the ball, he speeds up his arm which causes accuracy problems that will be magnified at the next level. His mechanics have to be perfect even on his check downs or it will impact his accuracy.

Davidís improvements this year are directly related to excellent coaching and play calling. In fact, some NFL team needs to hire this head coach as an offensive coordinator. To Davidís credit, he has taken to that coaching and has improved to the point where most teams will look hard at drafting him at some point in this draft. Right now, the SJST passing offense and play calling is set up depending on what hash mark the ball is on. Most deep passes are set to the short side and short passes are set up to the wide side. The running game is now the focal point to get the team into the red zone mixed in with screen plays to the backs and receivers to move the chains. Once they are in the red zone, fade patterns against single coverage that allow receivers to go up and fight for the ball are how this team scores points if they canít run the ball. Passes over the middle are short and made in rhythm and this allows David to still have some good velocity on the ball. Arm strength is not everything when it comes to being an NFL quarterback. Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers are just a few that have made a good living in the NFL with average to less than average arm strength. Mechanics and accuracy are the key ingredients to be a successful NFL quarterback and the ability to be accurate under pressure. Right now, David struggles with his accuracy under pressure and until he can prove that he is getting better in this area of concern, his draft status will reflect this. Play calling and excellent coaching have eliminated pressure on David to perform under adversity from the pocket this year. That will change at the next level and David will have to prove (after he is drafted and playing at the next level) that he can overcome those issues just like the Packers, Seahawks, Raiders, Bills and now once again Packers Matt Flynn has too.

Drew Boylhart