David Yankey   OG   Stanford


David has the size you look for in your offensive guards. He has solid quickness out of his stance and does a good job playing with excellent effort on every play. He has played left tackle, right and left guard for his college team which shows some ability to be considered by some teams as a multi position interior lineman. He does a good job firing out on running plays and getting into his blocks quickly. He has been used in a short pulling offensive system; this shows good movement and overall solid athletic skills to play in more than one style of offense. David is a solid pass blocker when he gets his hands on his opponent at the line of scrimmage. He is quick enough and has the foot movement to handle those one gap defensive tackles and turn his hips and push them up the field so that his quarterback can step up in the pocket. David is smart and doesnít try to overpower his opponent on every play. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and should be a solid offensive guard for the team that selects him for a long time.

David has to get into NFL football shape. He has to get a lot stronger in his upper body and lower body to handle the 16 game schedule and practices that will be expected of him at the next level or he will get hurt. The biggest issue of concern for me right now is that David doesnít move his feet once he engages when pass blocking. He also struggles if he is used in a pulling system on sweeps. He can go out to the second level and make his blocks at the college level, but Iím not sure he has the foot speed to be used that way at the NFL level unless he is in a system that has a lot of misdirection in its running game. Right now, David has a lot of work to do, but he does have upside to his game and if he works hard he has the talent to be a Pro Bowl guard.

When I look at David on film I see a player who has not reached his potential. I also see a player who is limited in his athletic talents and although he has upside to his game I wonder if he can play any other position at the next level other than right guard. The members know my feelings about drafting college right guards. Most of them wonít make it in the NFL because of a lack of athletic talent. Right guards in the NFL are mostly players who did not play that position at the college level. There are some exceptions, but not many. I would work David out and see if he can snap the ball and be used as a possible center if there are injuries. To me, that improves Davidís potential and value. Then again, if after I work him out and see possible left guard potential, that raises his value in my eyes and I might look at rating him earlier than I have him rated right now. Nevertheless, right now I see a right guard who may in the future be able to play left guard. I also see a player who might not be able to start right away because he has to get stronger. That means I might not be able to start David his first year for fear of injury. I also see a player who has played a lot of offensive line at the college level, but doesnít move his feet very well which is concerning. Davidís pass blocking techniques are poor, but I do see and feel that David has the character to improve and enough untapped athletic talent to be much better than he is right now with strong coaching and more experience. David should be a solid offensive lineman for the team that drafts him, but for me in the first three rounds Iím looking for more than solid. Now if he can prove in workouts he can make all the snaps at center, that would help.

Drew Boylhart