Deone Bucannon   S   Washington St


Deone has the athletic talent and skills to play more than one position in the defensive backfield for the team that drafts him. He has solid cover skills to cover tight ends and bigger slot receivers with excellent recovery speed and burst to the play. He is the type of safety that has the speed and toughness to play in single deep safety or up in the box against the run. He sets the tone for your defense with his hard hitting approach and playmaking skills. Deone comes up very quickly to support the running game and make tackles all over the field from his two deep zone safety position. He is used in the box to stop the run and also in coverage over the slot on third downs in one-on-one coverage. He is also used on special teams to block. With his ability to intercept passes, I would think he could return kicks and punts also if given the chance. Deone is a playmaking safety who shows on film the ability to cover and make impact tackles that force fumbles. I would think every team in the NFL needs a safety with that type of talent.

Deone makes tackles all over the field, but at times he is very sloppy with his tackling techniques and this will be magnified at the next level. He also seems to be a bit of a loner on the field and not much of a leader; however, he is one hell of a player. When Deone is in man-to-man coverage, he takes chances when opponents use crossing routes against him. He doesnít stay with his assignment, leaving his teammates to cover for him and look like they made mistakes in coverage. He is smart and doesnít get fooled by play action when he is deep but he struggles to identify where he is on the field at the snap of the ball and gives up a lot of first downs before he makes a tackle. He has to learn and understand situational football because just making tackles all over the field will not be enough to get his teams defense off the field.

Deone needs some discipline to his overall game. He should work more within the structure of his defense. He has to become more of a team player. He reminds me a little bit of a dog in the park going after two Frisbees at the same time and not catching either of them. When he is in coverage and teams run crossing routes in front of him, he comes off his man and goes to the other receiver to cover him causing both receivers to be open for big plays and his teammates to be frustrated because he didnít stay with his assignment. Once Deone becomes more of a team player and learns to communicate better before the snap of the ball, he could become more than just a Pro Bowl player. He could become a player with a Super Bowl Ring and thatís the type of player I want on my team no matter what position he plays.

Drew Boylhart