Derek Carr   QB   Fresno St


Derek has excellent size, bulk and athleticism along with excellent arm strength to impact at the next level. He is smart and does a good job recognizing what defenses are doing against him. Derek does an excellent job adjusting to what he sees on the field compared to what he sees in pre-game film sessions. He shows good accuracy on most passes and has excellent velocity on his ball to be considered by those cold weather teams when the winds become troublesome for the passing game. He has solid athleticism and does a good job throwing on the run for planned roll-outs. He has a quick release and throws over the top with ease. Derek wants to be a quarterback at the next level; his work ethic is excellent and shows it.

Derekís athleticism and mental intelligence are not simpatico. His mind is way ahead of his body mechanics which is causing him to rush his mechanics and lose accuracy. The problem is all in his feet. He sees the play and gets so excited to get the ball to the receiver his lower body is not set. To combat this, coaches put him into a shotgun offense and told him to shift his feet to the play but donít move or take any steps. When he shifts and sets, this kid will rip a defense apart with his passing. When he takes any kind of drop from his position, only the lord knows where the ball is going. This is a big problem for the next level and some teams will drop him on their boards because of it. Derek needs to have patience with his lower body and have it work in rhythm with his mental abilities. In the big games when he gets jacked up, this could be a big problem.

Derek reminds me of former Carolina Super Bowl QB Jake Delhomme. He should be an excellent quarterback at the next level, but he has to quiet down his lower body and start to throw in rhythm. This year the light went on in his head and maturity has brought itself to his game but still consistency is an issue. I suspect because the game is faster at the next level that Derek can be very productive for the team that drafts him early but he has to find a way for his lower body to get in rhythm with his thinking or he will never become the quarterback his talents suggest he can become. Iím not convinced Derek will be drafted in the first round, but I am convinced he has first round talent. Given time, he will be a hell of a quarterback for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart