Devin Street   WR   Pittsburgh


In this deep class of receivers, Devin has the strongest hands to catch the ball, which is a skill not to be taken lightly. He has excellent quickness in and out of his breaks, is smart and seems to see his position from the eyes of a quarterback. Devin is an excellent red zone receiver because of his strong hands and unusual quickness for his size. He has spectacular leaping ability and body control to catch the ball at its high point and adjust to the ball in the air. He has solid run after the catch skills and is fluid when running his routes and is smart when going over the middle to catch the ball on those crossing routes and quick slants. He shows the lateral agility to run all routes at any one of the receiver positions. Devin is an excellent slot receiver because of his size and quickness and is a match-up nightmare for linebackers and most safeties. In this draft, he is underrated and is the type of receiver who can impact right away as a #3 receiver with the talent to develop into a #1 receiver because of his strong hands, solid route running, quickness, size and the fact that he is a solid and good blocker.

Devin has good size and long legs that help him to cover ground; however, he lacks that third gear to pull away and go deep unless he uses double moves or works harder on his techniques of route running. He also needs more bulk to take the pounding that a possession receiver takes at the next level. Because of his strong hands, he will be expected to move the ball on third downs and become THE dependable receiver for a quarterback and offensive coordinator. To do that, he has to gain more muscle and become more physical when running his routes.

Devin has great hands, but a body with a slight build and a lack of top end speed may not be a good mix to stay on the field and be a successful starting receiver for the next level. Devinís lack of top end speed suggest that he will be more of a possession receiver who will be needed to move the chains and score touchdowns when a team is in the red zone. That will require more bulk on Devinís frame and if he cannot add that bulk then Devin winds up being a #3 receiver instead of the #1 receiver. Donít misunderstand me, Devin has good speed he just doesnít have that pure breakaway speed and explosion that you see in the top tier of this class. He can get deep because he runs better routes than most. He can get deep using double moves, because he catches everything thrown to him and cornerbacks have to respect all of the routes he runs, which allows him to get deep. Unfortunately, he can be caught from behind if he is in the middle of the field. Devin can impact right away as a #3 receiver or #2 receiver, but if he wants the big money and to be the man, he has to bulk up and not lose that unusual quickness that he has for his size. I believe Devin has the potential to be one of the outstanding touchdown scoring receivers from this class. He has the potential to be as good a receiver as Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald. He is not as stout, but has the same strong hands. He looks on film to be a little faster and little quicker than Larry but still has to grow and learn. It will be interesting to see his numbers from the combine but whatever those numbers are they wonít change this profile. Devin has the potential to be a scoring machine for the team that selects him.

Drew Boylhart