Dominique Easley   DT   Florida


Dominique is a dramatic player. When you watch him you can see his character and passion to play the game and his understanding of his talent to give himself up for others to make a play. Dominique plays better than his pure talents suggest he should be able to. He is a “quick in the box” defensive tackle who never gives up on a play until he hears the whistle. He is a perfect fit for a 1-gap attack defense. He changes the line of scrimmage on the snap of the ball and on every passing down is a force to be reckoned with. Dominique’s quickness off the snap of the ball is outstanding. His ability to get into the backfield and disrupt a running play is outstanding also. Dominique shows leadership skills through his play on the field and likes to get into the head of the offensive line. He is very smart and looks to be an excellent teammate, but his style is not a fit for every team’s defense, which may affect his draft status -- along with an injury that hasn’t allowed him to work out. Trust me, you draft Dominique and put him on the field and he’ll make something happen. I’m not sure what, but it will be something.

Dominique’s straight line athletic quickness is outstanding, but he lacks the change of direction skills to finish – to make sacks and tackles once he gets into the backfield. He gets swallowed up playing against the run, but if he starts using better techniques (as he did in his junior year), he should show improvement and be more consistent. How much better, I’m not sure. Dominique changed his style of play this year and he paid for it with some injuries that could affect his quickness in the future; however, I doubt it will affect his passion and effort for the game.

In Dominique’s junior year, he played a more traditional defensive line game. He used better techniques in keeping players off his body and was more of a shed and make tackles at the line of scrimmage player. I think he realized that being undersized and playing nose tackle/defensive tackle, traditionally, was not going to get him the attention of the NFL. I also think he realized that he had to become more of a disrupter to impact because he is undersized to play his position for the next level. Dominique played with more flare this year and less techniques. He used his body more and did not keep those bigger offensive linemen off his body and paid the price for that change of style with a knee injury. He shot the gap more and really gave himself up and became more of a disrupter than a technical defense tackle. I think it was smart of him to realize that for the next level he could not play the position like others do. He had to use his quickness more and get into the backfield and whatever happened after that happened. Dominique has never lacked the effort or passion he has for the game and right now you have to think of him more as a specialty player who will struggle unless he plays in a system that needs and uses that unique quickness that he has. He will not make many sacks or tackles, but he will disrupt and help others to make plays. He will get into the backfield every time he is on the field and he will settle for his teammates around him making plays that his lack of pure athletic talent will not allow him to make. His lack of change of direction skills and size may be considered by most teams as negatives for the next level, but his effort on every down and his passion for the game are positives that every team needs in its players to be a winning team.

Drew Boylhart