Donte Moncrief   WR   Mississippi


Donte has a ton of untapped talent to become an impact wide receiver for the team that drafts him. He has excellent size, speed, good lateral agility and has the extra gears when he needs them to get deep. He has those long strides that make him seem as if he is just gliding. He will eat up the cushion a corner gives him and before the corner can react, Donte is by him and looking for the ball deep. His biggest impact is in the middle of the field where he can use that speed to get deep and back off safeties from playing up on the line of scrimmage to open up the running game for his teamís offense. He does a solid job blocking and looks to be a good teammate. Donte has some solid run after the catch skills and will catch the ball going over the middle without too much concern. He is smart and can be used as a receiver on the inside or outside or as a move receiver or in motion. He shows good explosion off the line and is big enough to handle those bump corners that give the smaller receivers so many problems. As I said, there is a ton of untapped talent in Donteís play to have more of an impact at the next level than he has had at the college level.

Donte will catch the ball with his hands, but will also let the ball into his body which makes him not the most dependable receiver on third downs or touchdowns. He also has a bad habit of letting the deep ball get to his body and allowing it to fall nonchalantly into his hands. He runs very poor routes in general and does not secure the ball when running after the catch. He lacks the strong hands and doesnít fight enough for the ball when itís in the air like he should if he wants to impact at the next level. In his defense, the quarterback position for his team has struggled with consistency.

If Donte wants to be one of the best receivers from this deep class of receivers, he can do that easily but he has to become more consistent in every part of his game. He has to catch the ball better, run quicker and better routes, secure the ball better after the catch and become a better blocker. He has to stop letting the ball come to his body and catch the ball with his hands on every catch. The biggest concern is that he has to catch the deep ball all the time to become a better overall threat and a #1 franchise receiver. He has the talent, he has the breakaway speed and he does have the hands, but what he doesnít have right now is some coach to kick him in his buttocks and make him better than he is right now. He needs that badly. He also needs a more consistent quarterback. Donte has Randy Moss / Plaxico Burress type of potential but that potential will need good, strong coaching to bring it out. Donte truly has 1st round talent, but on the field he plays like a player with 3rd round talent. I donít think work ethic is a question or that Donte thinks he is entitled or anything like that. I just think plenty of people have told Donte how good he is, but no one has ever told him how good he could beÖuntil now.

Drew Boylhart