Ego Ferguson   DT   LSU


Ego is a big kid with nice long arms that make it easy for him to keep blockers off his body and make tackles. He has some in the box quickness when he gets a good jump off the ball. He has the lower body type and weight that makes it easy for him to gain leverage and bull rush his opponents into the backfield. Ego can make the pocket very uncomfortable for an opposing quarterback. He has some straight line foot agility to get into the backfield with a quick swim move and flush a quarterback into his teammates’ waiting arms. Ego has the potential to play on the nose over the center in a 3-4 defense or as a defensive tackle over the right guard in a 4-3 defense.

Ego is not a finisher. He lacks the change of direction skills and pure foot speed to flush and chase a QB and make a sack. He struggles to get off blocks or make tackles in the hole in spite of his long arms because he lacks the upper body strength. He struggles to hold the point of attack against the run because of his lack of upper body strength and poor lateral agility. If he gets stronger and in better NFL football shape, he could develop into an excellent nose tackle. If his lateral agility improves along with his techniques, that will allow him to get off blocks quicker and faster. At this point of his career and for the purposes of this draft you have to think that Ego is a rotation two down, run stuffing lineman for the team that selects him.

Ego has potential to clog the middle of the field. He has the size and body type to handle a center and take up a double team so his teammates can come up and make plays in the backfield or on the line of scrimmage. To be successful at the next level, he must get stronger and get into better football shape. If he doesn’t have the work ethic to gain strength, learn better run stuffing techniques or change his weight-to-strength ratio so that he can gain some agility, Ego will be nothing more than an echo in the frat halls of LSU and not in the locker room for an NFL team.

Drew Boylhart