Greg Robinson   OT   Auburn


Greg is a remarkable athlete. He has the size, strength, foot quickness and lateral agility to be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman in the NFL. He is a dominating and intimidating run blocker, due large in part to his mental strength and lateral agility. He plays until he hears the whistle and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. Greg has those long arms that keep players away from his body and, when he engages his opponent while run blocking or pass blocking, he continues to move his feet until the play is over. Greg is built like a sequoia tree with a strong tapered body and roots solid on the ground. He is a hard kid to move; defensive ends and tackles tired quickly against him in just about every game I saw on film. In the 4th quarter, Greg just keeps on banging away on every down and when he does make a mistake, he doesnít make it again. He is smart and will quickly pick up the techniques that will make him a Pro Bowl offensive lineman and a future franchise Left Tackle. I call him Greg (Sequoia) Robinson.

Anyone that watches this team knows that pass blocking is not as much of a priority as run blocking. However, that being said, Greg is behind in learning the pass blocking techniques that he will need at the next level. Nevertheless Greg is a fast learner and because of his natural athletic ability he will learn fast. Right now he is what I call an attack pass blocker. He likes to get his hands on his opponent right away and then stone him at the line of scrimmage. That might change at the next level, but I think itís in Gregís DNA to attack and most likely he will continue to block aggressively when pass blocking or run blocking. So I suggest you let him and be creative in how to use his talents.

If youíre a team that doesnít need a quarterback in the top ten of the draft, I suggest you think hard before you pass on drafting Greg. It will be a big mistake. His mental strength and athletic talent is far beyond most of the offensive linemen that usually come out in a draft. He has Pro Bowl talent and left tackle franchise talent that does need to be groomed, but thatís why you have position coaches. I would draft him and put him at left tackle right away and live with his mistakes as he learns because Greg will not get better sitting on the sidelines or playing another position on the offensive line that does not impact the team as much as the left tackle position. The draft is about potential as much as itís about getting players who can help you right away. Greg may need some time to learn more effective pass blocking techniques, but given that time, I know he will not disappoint you. Just teach him the techniques and let him mature into that franchise Left Tackle.

Drew Boylhart