Hasean Clinton-Dix   S/CB   Alabama


Hasean has some very good natural cover skills. He has the agility and size to cover the bigger slot receivers in single coverage. In the red zone, with his size, he should be able to shut down those fade passes to the bigger receivers. Hasean has good speed and can cover those running backs coming out of the backfield. He can be used as a single free safety also because he has the speed to go sideline to sideline. Hasean has those long strides that help him to be deceiving in his ability to recover when he gets fooled and this will trick a lot of quarterbacks into throwing the long deep pass and getting intercepted. Hasean shows on film good hands to make the interception and excellent vision to gain yardage after he intercepts the ball. He has the ability to become a good safety along the same lines as Ed Reed but just not as physical. What should intrigue some teams about Hasean is that he also has the ability to become an impact cornerback too.

There are a lot of small correctable issues that will come in time if the team that drafts Hasean is patient. He doesnít show leadership qualities right now because he seems overly concerned with his own responsibilities. He has to get stronger in his upper body and he is a sloppy tackler at the college level, but nevertheless a willing tackler. He lacks the instincts for his position to impact consistently, but is a smart player and is still learning the position. He has the cover skills to be used at multiple positions at the next level, but all of that will depend on how fast he can absorb and learn his position and play without thinking too much. Hasean has 1st round athletic talent; however, may be a bit of a project as far as being a starter right away.

It could go either way with Hasean: a player who takes three to four years to develop or a player who impacts right away because he needs a different style of coaching. But I donít think there is any doubt that he should impact given the time. I like his cover skills and his ability to play more than one position at the next level. I think Hasean might wind up being a cornerback in some teamsí systems, and for others, a cover safety. His suspension is not an issue for me. Of course, where there is smoke there is fire and who knows for sure if there is more behind this issue. After all, he is coming out early! Iím not wild about Haseanís tackling, but I think once he gets stronger, he will be better. As I said, he is a willing tackler. He hesitates a lot right now and this is a problem, but he hasnít played the position very long and I just think he is hesitating because his thinking is: ďItís better to be safe than sorry.Ē The truth is, Iím more interested in Hasean becoming a corner at the next level than a safety. I think he has the potential to be an impact corner because of the size of the receivers at the next level and just a solid safety. As a corner there is less thinking and more covering and he can use his athletic talent more. As a safety, itís all about taking calculated chances, being a leader and right now, Iím not sure I see those two important attributes in Haseanís play. I suspect because of Haseanís size and workout numbers and the position he plays that he will be selected early. His talent to play more than one position should make him a high draft choice. I think his length to impact (LTI) is a bit long at this point of his career to start. He will help right away in nickel-dime packages, and on special teams.

Drew Boylhart