Ja’Wuan James   OT   Tennessee


Ja’Wuan is just one of the many excellent offensive tackles in this draft. He has the athletic talent, quickness and foot speed to mirror his man when pass blocking along with strong balance and long arms. He is quick out of his stance when blocking for both the run and the pass and shows the mental toughness to be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman at the next level. Ja’Wuan has played right tackle for his college team but I believe with his athleticism he could easily move over to the left side and be as dominant as he has been on the right side. He is excellent when used to pull; he keeps his feet and is quick going out to the second level on combo blocks attacking linebackers. Ja’Wuan shows excellent leadership ability, is a terrific teammate and works well with his line mates. Ja’Wuan is such an effortless and smooth athlete that most are overlooking him and that will be their mistake because I think he is the best offensive lineman on this very talented Tennessee offensive line.

Ja’Wuan has played Right Tackle all or most of his college career and because of that most teams will think of him as just a good right tackle. I believe if he is healthy for the combine that his workout numbers will shock most people. Ja’Wuan will get a little over extended when run blocking, but that can be corrected as soon as it is addressed in the film room. He got hurt in the Senior Bowl practices, which could affect his workouts.

I like both of the Tennessee offensive tackles, but I like Ja’Wuan more because I think his athleticism and lateral agility is better than most think. I also like his leadership skills and his patience when pass blocking. He has excellent pass blocking techniques and is an excellent run blocker, but when going out to the second level he does get over extended and loses his balance and levage. Like I said this can be easily corrected and is no reason not to think about drafting him very early in this draft. The truth is if Ja’Wuan had shown the ability to play left tackle at the college level, I think he would be considered THE top tackle to be selected in this draft and that is the only thing holding him back from that consideration. Playing right tackle as well as Ja’Wuan has played makes most people think he is just a right tackle. That is, most people but me! Ja’Wuan is a mature, complete, pass blocking and run blocking offensive tackle with the athletic movement, skills and foot speed to dominate the top pass rushing defensive ends at the college level in the toughest college division. You tell me if that is good enough to be drafted in the 1st round of this draft. I have no doubt because athletically and mature technique wise he is the best in this draft. I call him Ja’Wuan (Ja’WHAT!) James because after reading this profile most of you are saying WHAT?! He is the sleeper offensive tackle in this draft and if his workout numbers are as good as I think they will be than he will move up very quickly in this draft. Worst case scenario -- you select a Pro Bowl Right Tackle. Best case scenario, you just drafted a Pro Bowl Left Tackle. Either way you drafted yourself a quality football player and that’s what the draft is all about.

Drew Boylhart