Jack Mewhort   OT   Ohio St


Jack is the type of offensive lineman that would block his mother from sacking his quarterback. He would feel bad the whole time doing it, but he would do it. He has good size and excellent strength and the mental stamina and quickness to play more than one position on the offensive line. He has decent lateral agility and very good quickness out of his stance. Jack has strong hands that allow him to lock on his opponent without getting called for many holding penalties. He is very team oriented and does not like to make mistakes that will reflect on his teammates. Jack is a powerful run blocker and a technically sound pass blocker. He shows excellent leadership skills through his play on the field and has the respect of his teammates because of his effort on every play. There is no position that Jack will not play on a football team and give his full effort on every play. He shows surprising athletic talent when challenged and is very coachable. Jack is the type of offensive lineman that coaches love, teammates want to work with him and fans will value him as a big part of their teamís success. Jack Mewhort is a winner and although he does not play the center position, he reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills center Eric Woods because of his mental strength, football intelligence, leadership skills and his ability to step up when challenged.

Jack has some off field issues that will need to be investigated and addressed. Itís the only thing that keeps me from giving him a first round grade right now. Some teams might downgrade Jack because his athletic talents and workout numbers might not be up to the standards of a left tackle (the position he played in college) but his workouts will show that he has the athletic talent to play right tackle, left guard and in a pinch could play left tackle for the team that drafts him.

Jackís intangibles will make him an excellent NFL offensive lineman and the type of player every team needs to be a playoff team. When he struggles blocking, he finds away to overcome and is not too proud to ask for help. When his teammates struggle blocking players, he finds a way to help them out too. He is a leader and what you see now is what you get when you select him in the draft. I believe that Jack will be an excellent Right Tackle with the ability to be an excellent left guard and the possibility of being an excellent center if he can make all the snaps. Thatís a player with value and I can see a playoff team in the latter part of the first round being very interested in drafting Jack. His off field issues and suspensions will have to be evaluated, but Iím sure as long as they are not drug related that most teams will be satisfied and not consider them to be much of an issue. Jack has the mentality I like to see in my offensive linemen. He has good athletic talent, football intelligence and the ability to play in multiple offensive blocking schemes. He has the mental stamina and leadership skills that allow him to play above his athletic talent also. Jack is a football player. Thatís all he wants to be right now and thatís just fine with me.

Drew Boylhart