Jadeveon Clowney   DE   South Carolina


Jadeveon is a remarkably athletic defensive player. He has excellent explosion off the line of scrimmage along with the strength and the body length all teams are looking for in an impacting defensive end for a 4-3 team. If you make a mistake against this kid, he will make you pay and because of his athletic talents, offenses have to account for him on every play. His ability to explode to the play is unique and without a doubt impressive and this alone will make teams consider and draft him very high in this draft. His natural explosion off the line when pass rushing along with those long arms and body length includes the whole pass rushing package of excellent feet, balance, and strength. That makes Jadeveon one of the most unique defensive players ever to come out of the college level. I have no doubt that if Jadeveon goes to the combine and works out (in spite of his lack of impact play this year) he will be considered by most teams as a top ten pick.

Jadeveon lacks the leadership and character skills to be the type of player you build your defense around in spite of his athletic ability. His lack of interest this year to improve when opponents have made him the focal point of their game plans is shocking. He has the strength to be strong at the point of attack, but seems to lack interest in doing that on every play. His mental stamina is a big question mark for me. His ability to handle the pressure and improve is a big question mark for me. This year Jadeveon hasnít bothered (on film) to fight through double teams using good techniques. He seems to be content to bull rush and if he is bull rushing because his assignment is to shed and make tackles in a 2 gap system, then he is failing big time to complete his assignments. Teams are running right at him with success and good left tackles who might not be left tackles at the pro level are handling him one on one. I donít see any improvement in pass rushing techniques from last year. I detect a lot of B.S. in his play.

Jadeveon is the type of player who coaches think that his greatness is just ďone moreĒ play away. He lacks the maturity right now to understand that he needs to get a lot better before he will impact at the next level. If he is holding back because he doesnít want to get injured like some people are suggesting, all I can say is drafting that type of person is not for me. I mean seriously, is that the type of player you want to draft in the top ten? A player who decides when he wants to play and when he doesnít? Is that the type of player (if selected in the top ten) you build your defense around? There is no doubt about his athletic talent, but there are big doubts for me about a player who lacks the maturity and work ethic to improve and be a team player and do the little things that makes his teamís defense better. Maybe two years from now, Jadeveon will mature and turn into a great player. But if Iím a top ten team, Iím building for now and not for two years from now. If Iím a playoff team with strong coaching, I might take a chance on drafting him in the first round but still if Iím putting my credibility and career on the line for a player, Iím not convinced Jadeveon is that player. It seems to me drafting him in the second round might be the best for Jadeveon, his future team, and my career. Trust me -- there is always another player who may not have the natural athletic talents, but plays better and more consistent on the field on every down. I will say this, when Jadeveon sees a pass rushing situation, he works very hard to get into the backfield to sack the QB and in spite of his athletic talents, still doesnít get the job done. Think about it. Jadeveon is a boom or bust player, itís really that simple.

Drew Boylhart