Jake Mathews   OT   Texas A&M


Jake is a technically sound offensive lineman with excellent mental toughness. He shows on film good quick feet and strength. He is smart and does an equally good job pass blocking and run blocking. Jake shows leadership qualities through his play on the field. His quick feet allow him to set up quickly when pass blocking and gives him the ability to recover when he gets beat off the edge against a speed rusher. Jakeís football intelligence helps him to understand when and how an opponent is trying to set him up for a move later in the game and this allows him to be better prepared and anticipate when that move will be tried against him. He has the athletic talents, intelligence and machismo to play more than one position for you on the offensive line at a very high level and this versatility is something every team needs for its team to be successful at the next level.

Jake doesnít have the lateral agility you would like to see in a pure left tackle, but he does have some lateral agility. This makes him more of a ďsystemsĒ Left Tackle in spite of the fact he plays in a spread offense right now. A vertical play action offense would fit his talents very well, but a spread offense at the next level might give him more problems than it does at the college level. He is a good run blocker, but he has the talent to be much better. He needs to fire out quicker and stay with his blocks longer. I donít think this is a big problem, but out of a two point stance in a spread offense he seems to get frustrated when run blocking because he canít get to his blocks with the power he would like to hit with.

Jake is the type of offensive lineman every team needs on its roster to be successful. He can play more than one position on the offensive line and play them all at a high level because of his football intelligence and excellent techniques. I like his mental toughness to stay with those techniques when he gets beat. He doesnít panic and commit penalties. I like his leadership qualities and that he enjoys a challenge and wants to be considered one of the best. The pocket this year for his Quarterback is far more secure than it was last year. You donít see the quarterback leaving the pocket so soon because of him not being able to trust his blind side. There is a lot more passing being done from the pocket this year compared to last year. Thatís because Jake has the confidence of his quarterback to protect his blind side. Jake has played left and right tackle and I know he can play any of the guard positions if needed because he is quick out of his stance and has the strength and techniques. I would work him out at center and see if he can make all the snaps just to see if he could play all five positions on the offensive line. Jake should be drafted early in this draft because he can play left tackle and because of his versatility. I call him Jake (Macho Man) Mathews because he has just enough strength and aggression in his play to be a successful offensive lineman for the next level.

Drew Boylhart