Jared Abbrederis   WR   Wisconsin


Jared is one of the best and smartest route runners in this draft. He has good size with room to add strength to his build. He has sneaky long speed and with his ability to run routes is open more than a 7- Eleven. Jared is the king of double moves and has excellent hands to make the tough catch on the deep ball. He is an excellent 2 minute drill receiver because he is smart and understands how to get open in zone coverages. He has good feet and balance and is strong enough and smart enough not to get pushed off his routes. He does a solid job blocking for his teammates. Jared will go over the middle and catch the tough pass. When he does go across the middle, he catches the ball and then smartly covers up so he doesnít take the big hit. He can get you some run after the catch yardage, using a stiff arm to keep players away from his legs which lessens his chance of injuries. Jared is the type of receiver most teams look at on film and think that his talent is not that impressive Ė that he can be handled and shut down. The problem is, once the game is overÖabracadabra! He has scored two touchdowns, gained 100+ yards and your defensive coach doesnít understand why his DBís didnít do a better job shutting him down. Jared right now is a #2 receiver with the potential to be a #1 receiver -- the type you can build your passing game around.

In spite of the fact that Jared runs excellent routes at the next level, until he gets stronger, he will struggle against single coverage. I have no doubt that he will overcome this and get bigger, stronger and more explosive. However, until he does, he is more of a zone receiver for the next level. His weakness or trouble route right now is the quick slant route. He struggles and gets out muscled when he runs this route and lets the ball into his body which causes him to drop the ball. If he wants to be a #1 receiver, thatís the route he has to improve on and I have no doubt that he will.

I think one of Jaredís main attributes is how he is able to get behind and deep against zone coverages. Itís a unique talent that he brings to the team that drafts him. This ability, along with Jaredís work ethic to get stronger and more explosive, will make Jared the type of receiver you can build your passing game around. That means Jared can eventually become a #1 franchise receiver for the team that drafts him. Now I know Jared will not be drafted early in this draft, but I donít have to worry about what round Jared is going to be drafted in. My job is to communicate what kind of talent and impact a player will have once he is drafted. Robís value board tells you what round a player will be selected and it could be before my grade or after my grade. Thatís why we use the two board system. Thatís how you find sleepers in the draft. Unless Jared runs a 4.4 to 4.3 at the combine, I donít suspect he will be drafted very early. But remember it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and speed is not necessarily what makes a great receiver. If you donít believe me, ask Jerry Rice or Chris Carter. Itís all in the route running and hands and Jared possesses both of those skills to the degree that will make him a very dangerous receiver.

Drew Boylhart