Jarvis Landry   WR   LSU


Jarvis reminds me a lot of former Steelers receiver Hines Ward. He has very stronghands to catch the ball and is a smart receiver who makes it easy for his quarterback to throw to him. He is an excellent zone receiver, has a knack for moving the ball on third downs and is very dependable. Jarvis has some solid run after the catch skills and in fact seems to be faster after he catches the ball than before. He is like a coach on the field, understands spacing and the timing of his routes and how they relate to the other receivers on the field. Jarvis has good balance, a strong body and can catch the ball in traffic. He is a good blocker and, in general, looks on film to be an excellent, mature teammate and leader. Jarvis is the type of receiver that quarterbacks fall in love with because of his consistency in his route running and football intelligence. He understands how to set up his opponents to make impact plays, move the ball on third downs and, in the red zone, can be a touchdown maker for the team that selects him.

Jarvis is not explosive or fast off the line, which may impact his draft status.

Jarvis is the type of receiver that can teach a young, struggling, strong-armed quarterback the passing game. He is the type of receiver who will give a young quarterback confidence because he will always run his routes correctly and when he needs to cut off his routes and be open, you can bet the farm he will do it and be open. He is a bigger version of Wes Welker. Not as quick, but just as dependable moving the ball if he is paired with a strong armed quarterback. Every team in the NFL can use a receiver like Jarvis. He is not explosive as many others in this draft, but he will become a core player and the type of receiver you can build your offensive passing game around because he can be moved all over the place and will become that security blanket that so many young quarterbacks need to gain confidence and improve. Iím sure most teams will not be looking at selecting Jarvis early in this draft. That will make Jarvis one of those players who impacts and eventually will be considered one of the steals of this draft when all the other more explosive receivers picked ahead of him flame out because of injuries, lousy work ethic or a lack of football intelligence. Think of it this way, how many teams wish they had Hines Ward on their team when he was playing? I think a lot of them. If youíre a team who has a quarterback who is athletic and can extend a play, you need to draft Jarvis because he will be open when you need him to be.

Drew Boylhart