Jeremy Gallon   WR/ST   Michigan


Jeremy is the type of player who everyone will tell you is too small and not fast enough to play at the next level. The problem is his unique quickness, lateral agility, strong hands, football intelligence, toughness and his ability to catch the ball in traffic compares to the top receivers in this draft. He is very smart and understands defenses like a quarterback. He is an excellent zone receiver and for the next level, if he is used as your move receiver, he will impact. Jeremy will be an excellent special teams player returning punts and kicks. He has the quickness to get separation in and out of his routes against single coverage. Jeremy is fearless and will go across the middle and catch the ball better than most receivers in this draft. He is excellent at gaining yards after the catch because of his lateral agility and quickness to make players miss tackles in the open field. Jeremy is dependable and can move the chains as well as get deep and catch the ball. On third down, Jeremy will be open. All you have to do is look for him and get him the ball.

Jeremy is vertically changed and this, along with his lack of pure speed and no extra gear, will make most teams feel that he is a late round draft pick at best. He has speed -- just not the speed most players his size have in the NFL. However, there are not many that are quicker than Jeremy.

Jeremy can be an impact player and just might wind up starting for a few teams, but that wonít happen until other players get injured and Jeremy is forced to carry the receiving load he has carried for his college team. Jeremy should get his chance to be drafted and used as a special teams player and fourth or fifth receiver. But the truth is he can stay on the field as a third receiver or even second receiver because he is smart, fearless and can catch the ball in traffic. Iím not telling you that Jeremy is the type of receiver you can build your passing game around, but I am telling you that he could impact like Victor Cruz has for the Giants in the slot, as a move receiver or third receiver in the mix. If you find a receiver (any size) with mental toughness and the ability to concentrate catching a football on a train station platform with a speeding train going by, you better think about adding him to your team. Add to that his ability to flip the field on special teams and I think it would be foolish for teams not to select him at some point in this draft. There is a big difference in how I analyze players for the draft compared to others. I watch film NOT to break down players on how well they play a position; I watch film to evaluate talent. There is a big difference. Jeremy will become an impact player for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart