Johnny Manziel   QB   Texas A&M


Johnny has the athletic ability, instincts and football intelligence that few players possess. He is an impact player with excellent leadership skills to make the players around him better. He has a good arm and is very accurate both from the pocket and on the move. He has the ability to change release points in his delivery and still throw accurately down the field. He can make all the throws for the next level. Johnny has excellent feel for pocket pressure and will slide inside the pocket as well as break pocket containment and gain needed yardage. His quickness when running and his unique ability to see the whole field as he runs makes him dangerous to bring down in the open field. He is very smart and if you believe a person can have a photographic memory, I suspect Johnny may possess this natural ability also. Johnny has quick feet and can play in any style of offense, but I believe a pro spread offense will fit him the best and make the best use of his athletic abilities. Johnny works well when others are in a panic. He is physically and mentally tough and is much stronger than he looks. There may be bigger quarterbacks in this draft but truthfully there are none that are better. I call him Johnny (Havoc) Manziel because he works best when chaos is all around him.

Johnny has a competitive nature that most people do not have. It is a gift and a curse and he needs to continue to control it like he has so far this year. He will throw the ball up at times trying to make a play so multiple interceptions in a game will happen, but remember, no matter how many interceptions he throws in a game your team will never be out of that game until itís all over. His size is worrisome for the next level because of his lack of bulk and injuries are a concern. He lacks the velocity on his ball that some cold weather teams will be concerned about. But the truth is, Johnny will adapt his play to any weather condition because he is smart.

Is Johnny one of the best quarterbacks in this draft? The answer for me is yes. The most intriguing talent that I see in Johnny is his ability to adjust during a game to what is happening on the field. His ability to make 1st downs on third and long in the passing game is excellent. His ability to score touchdowns in the red zone is terrific as well. Johnnyís ability to make a franchise throw under pressure with accuracy is unusual and his ability to out think a defensive coordinator when he is shown a defense during a game that he hasnít seen in film study is the football maturity most players do not possess coming out of college. He thrives on a challenge and never feels overwhelmed in any situation. Johnny reminds me a lot of Doug Flutie with a Brett Favre gunslinger attitude to his play. The team that drafts him would be smart to hire his head coach also because Johnny respects him and that will be the key to Johnnyís success at the next levelÖ.respect of his coaches. This kid will eat a weak coach up for breakfast if he doesnít respect him because he has no patience for stupidity when it comes to coaching. He is an excellent teammate and understands how to read people and get the most out of their talents. Johnny is a natural leader because he is two steps ahead of everyone in his thinking process. You can fool this kid once but he has the street smarts, instincts, athletic talent, football intelligence and competitive spirit not to be fooled twice. Go ahead and downgrade him because of his size, I dare you, and so does Johnny.

Drew Boylhart