Ka’Deem Carey   RB   Arizona


Ka’Deem plays bigger than his size. He has quick feet and shows on film good vision once he is into the second level. He has very good lateral agility and is very hard to bring down for a loss unless the defense gets to him in the backfield. He has powerful legs, good balance and likes to run between the tackles and take on the linebackers. He is the type of back that seems to know exactly where the third down marker is and, if tackled short, gives you the extra effort to reach it. Ka’Deem is an excellent receiver out of the backfield, has the hands to catch the ball down the field and can be used as a slot receiver. In the passing game, he reminds me a little bit of Matt Forte.

Ka’Deem is too big of a risk for me to make with my money. Teams will come to their own conclusions, but for me, it’s about risk and reward in the draft and the risks outweigh the potential rewards for Ka’Deem. Additionally, Ka’Deem is small for his punishing running style and is not as fast as you would expect him to be for a running back his size. He doesn’t have Matt Forte speed, but he does have good quickness and vision. Ka’Deem has been a very consistent and impact running back at the college level.

Some teams will consider Ka’Deem’s questionable character issues as very troubling and other teams (with a lack of character themselves, in my opinion) will brush it off and even consider it a positive. Marshawn Lynch was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 1st round of the 2007 draft by a Head Coach and a General Manager who talked all the time about drafting players who had excellent character. Marv Levy and Dick Jauron knew about Marshawn’s before draft character issues and still drafted him. Marshawn got into trouble and was traded and both Marv and Dick lost their jobs. Now the media wants to clean up Marshawn’s image because they are suggesting he could be a Hall of Fame candidate. All I can tell you is this: if I owned a team, I would have never drafted Marshawn. If your team drafts Ka’Deem in this draft, hold your nose and hope everything works out. He is very talented and could be drafted earlier than the 4th round in this draft. I guess I’m just a little pickier than most. I like the players I invest in to stay out of jail. I know that might be asking a lot, but what can I say? If you believe that you can find a running back any place in the draft, why would you keep a player with the character concerns Ka’Deem has on your board?

Drew Boylhart