Keith McGill   CB   Utah


Keith has excellent size, strength and speed to be an impact defensive back for the team that drafts him. He has that big defensive radius that allows him to trail receivers and still make plays intercepting or knocking down passes when smaller corners donít have a chance. He shows solid single coverage skills. He has the change of direction skills to stay with the bigger receivers and the length and long strides to make up and defend the smaller receivers. Keith is strong and likes to use that strength when defending. He is very good at using the sidelines to help him when defending opponents, pushing them off stride and out of bounds on those deep routes in spite of the fact that he has the speed and quickness to stay with them all through the route. Keith is smart and understands his own athletic abilities. He has good hands to make the interception and can impact and stay on the field if he improves a few skills that most might be overlooking.

Keith is another one of these tremendously athletically talented cover corners who do not want to tackle. He also is not comfortable playing zone coverage because he does not want to tackle. He allows himself to be blocked and most of the time refuses to shed smaller players and get off the blocks to make a tackle. In single coverage he will tackle his man, but if anyone else like a QB or RB comes around his end, Keith is nowhere to be found. He doesnít block on special teams and, on the coverage unit, gives a half-hearted effort and is not one of the first players down the field to make a tackle. There is something inherently wrong with a football player who doesnít WANT to make tackles. Thatís a big problem for me and sends up a huge red flag on his character and maturity.

I donít care how good a player is athletically. If a defensive player doesnít want to tackle, Iím not interested in drafting him in the first round. I watch this kid and I like his cover skills and his athleticism, but I donít like his false toughness and the macho crap he does on the field with his pushing and shoving after a play. If he is so tough, why doesnít he tackle? An opponent can get into this kidís head real easy on the field and that, along with his struggles in zone coverage and lack of effort on special teams, makes me believe that Keith is not starting material at the NFL level. He can help in nickel-dime coverage situations, but as soon as the teams in the NFL figure out from film that Keith does not like to tackle, they will run to his side on third and five and make third downs all game long. Looking at Keith on film and then looking at his combine numbers you have to think that on size-speed ratio alone that Keith will be drafted in the first round; unfortunately, based on maturity, Keith is not ready for the NFL. Right now his intangibles do not match his athletic talent. Once that happens (if it ever does) you will have an impact corner back. I would love to get into a room with this kid and turn the film on and ask him why he didnít try to get off a block and make a tackle or why, when he saw a QB or RB start to run, he didnít react quicker. I would also ask him why he didnít run full out down the field on coverage or why he let that player block him out of bounds. Teams must ensure they are asking the right questions in player interviews. Asking a player questions that have nothing to do with football to try to analyze their intangibles and personality may be interesting, but Iím more interested in hearing a player talk about why they play the way they do. Let the player talk himself in or out of the NFL. Let him explain why he didnít make a play from his film and, if you do that, a playerís character, personality and intangibles will appear right before your very eyes. Keith reminds me a lot of Antonio Cromartie in the way he plays and his lack of maturity on the field.

Drew Boylhart