Kelcy Quarles   DT   South Carolina


Kelcy is a big, strong, powerful, quick defensive tackle. He has the athleticism to play in multiple fronts and in any style of defense. He has the foot quickness off the line and strength to be a Defensive End in a 3-4 defense and also has the strength and quickness to be used as a pure nose tackle. He can play as a defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense and has the talent to play in a 1-gap or 2-gap defense. Kelcy comes off the line of scrimmage with excellent pad level and has the natural strength to control his opponent, shed and make the tackle in the hole. He has the surprising ability to get into the backfield and has just enough change of direction agility to not only flush a quarterback, but finish it and make the sack. Kelcy uses his hands very well when he plays inside and is used as a 2-gap lineman with the responsibility to stop the run. Kelcy handles the double team very well against the run or pass. He has excellent overall talent to be an impact defensive lineman at the next level for the team that selects him.

Kelcy has to learn to play with more consistency. When used as a pass rusher, he struggles to keep his balance and loses gap control because he gets up too high, too quickly. When he gets up too high, he loses balance, lacks a secondary move and takes himself out of the play. All of these issues are technique issues and I believe he will learn and improve quickly because his effort on every play is outstanding.

Kelcy will be an excellent defensive lineman as long as he gets it through his head that he is not a speed rusher who will make a lot of sacks. He will be an excellent run stuffing lineman with the ability to learn to power rush and make his sacks that way. Kelcy has Vince Wilfolk-like talent. That being said, he will have to become more consistent, gain some muscle/bulk and learn what is expected of him. Nevertheless the talent is there, the work ethic is obvious, and rudiments of an impact defensive lineman are just sitting there waiting for better direction. Thatís what Kelcy needs right now -- a team that will tell him to do one thing to the best of his ability on every play and let other players do the rest. Once he accomplishes doing that one thing (stopping the run) to the best of his ability, he can move on and develop the other talents that he obviously has. Kelcy took on the double teams all year of the offensive lineman and still made an impact. He was not double teamed by tight ends or running backs that will never sniff the NFL. He was double teamed by big bodied players and still was disruptive. He made impact plays stopping the run or shooting the gap. He never gave up on a play and tackled players from behind sometimes ten and twenty yards down the field on the opposite side from where he was lined up. Kelcy was not afraid to get injured and never played like he was worried about getting injured. Kelcy never had to make any excuses for his play on the field because of his effort on every play. He did his job taking on double teams at the line of scrimmage and his natural strength and pad level coming off the line of scrimmage made offensive coordinators have to account for him on every play.

Drew Boylhart