Kelvin Benjamin   WR   Florida St


Kelvin has the size, strength and speed to be considered and selected at any point in this draft. He has the athletic agility to adjust to the ball in the air in the red zone and the speed and quickness to be used as more than a “move the chains” type of receiver in the middle of the field. He has those long strides that make it very hard for most defensive backs to shadow him down the field and not allow separation. He has a big catch radius because of his long arms and strong body. Kelvin can be used in the slot or set up wide because he has good quickness off the line of scrimmage and is strong enough to defeat the more physical defensive backs off the line. When you put him on the move or in motion, it allows him to get even a bigger jump on his defender and makes it almost impossible for the defensive backs to deal with. Kelvin has those long strides that allow him to break tackles and, because of his size, he can get a lot of run after the catch yardage.

On the field Kelvin shows a lack of consistency in everything he does. He makes a great catch, then double clutches the next ball and drops it. He makes a good block and then, on the next play, he gives a half-hearted effort. He runs a good route and gets open and then he either drops the ball or the next route he runs looks like he is not sure how to run it. I question his maturity and work ethic, which makes Kelvin not necessarily a potential bust, but it does suggest that he might be more of a #2 receiver than the #1 franchise receiver that his talents suggest. Either way, that’s a pretty good player for any team to pick up in the draft.

Kelvin has the athletic talent to be as good as Calvin Johnson. That being said right now, with all of his talent, he is not close to being as good as Calvin Johnson. Selecting Kelvin in this draft comes down to one question. Do you TRUST Kelvin to work hard to become the player his talents suggest that he can become after you give him a ton of money? I can’t answer that, but I do wonder why he is not the talk of this draft? I also wonder why he is 23 years old as a sophomore and why he lacks consistency in his overall play. It would be interesting to know if he is coming out early not just because of his age but because of poor academics? I have all these questions that have nothing to do with his talent and everything to do with the lack of consistency in his play on the field. If I were his quarterback, this kid would drive me crazy because I could never trust he would run his route correctly or catch the ball when I need a third down or touchdown. If Kelvin WANTS to be a #1 franchise receiver, he can be; however, I feel there is great potential for Kelvin to “settle” and be a #2 receiver which really bothers me. There are many consistent and better receivers in this draft but none of them have the upside this kid has to impact. So what do you do? You do your homework and remember sometimes players don’t mature until they feel there is something to mature for. Kelvin has a lot of work to do and if you think he is ready to do it, then I suggest you draft him as early as the top ten. I can tell it would be very hard for me to pass on Kelvin if I was satisfied with his interviews and background checks. I would want to know if Florida St is hiding anything about his academics and why he was redshirted. Remember, I like a quick LTI when drafting in the first three rounds, but sometimes potential trumps LTI.

Drew Boylhart