Kevin Norwood   WR   Alabama


Kevin is a smooth striding receiver with good size and excellent hands that give him a very big pass catching radius. He is more athletic than he appears and possesses remarkable body control to adjust to the ball in the air and make the impact catch when his team needs him to make one. He is an excellent route runner and is very smart and understands down and distance. He is an excellent zone receiver and reads defenses better than most quarterbacks at the college level. Kevin can play more than one receiver position although most will suggest that he is just a slot receiver and downgrade him because of his lack of explosion and speed of the line of scrimmage. He is a good teammate and shows leadership skills in directing other younger receivers on the field and helping quarterbacks and coaches to make sure those receivers are line up correctly limiting penalties. Kevin is an underrated receiver and in this draft could get lost because of his perceived lack of speed.

Kevinís style of play is a gift and a curse. Itís a curse to coaches because they think that Kevin is not ďputting outĒ on every play. Itís a gift on the field and during a game because defensive backs will take him for granted during a game because of his laissez-faire style of running routes and when that happens thatís when Kevin takes advantage and makes the impact play of the game. Kevin has the talent to be a number one receiver, but he has to WANT to be a number one receiver and the truth is, right now Iím not convinced through his play on the field that he wants to be anymore than a #2 or #3 because his overall game depends on him NOT being the target of a game plan. If youíre confused now, wait thereís more.

Kevin is very smart and a natural profiler. Right now Kevin is profiling how smart the GMís, scouts and coaches are in this draft process. Kevin understands his own talent. He understands how he has to play his position and he understands how he can impact at the next level. Kevin will try to work himself onto a group of teams who he feels will benefit from his talents. Donít get me wrong -- he wants to be a first round pick and he will be very upset if he is not, but his main goal is how to appeal to the targeted group of teams and coaches. Iím sensing that Kevin wants to play for the Pete Carrollís and the Bill Belichickís of the NFL because he wants to play for the perceived smart coaches of the NFL. Kevin will be as fast as he thinks he needs to be to attract that type of coach into drafting him when he runs at the combine. He has the talent and the football intelligence to be a franchise receiver in the NFL, but he has to be drafted by the right team and a coach that doesnít believe that the passing game is all there is to having a great team in the NFL and Kevin knows that. I suspect teams like the Colts, Patriots, Seahawks, 49erís, Saints, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, Packers and Falcons will be Kevinís targeted group of teams he would like to select him at some point in this draft. Sometimes players are too smart for their own good and Kevin just might be one of those types of players. Kevin is an impact player, but you better be smart enough to know how to motivate him to become one. You better be smarter than he is. Of course all of this is conjecture by me, but what is not conjecture is Kevinís talent, football intelligence and the ability to make the impact play of a game. A smart team will see all of that no doubt.

Drew Boylhart