Kyle Fuller   CB   Virginia Tech


Kyle has the athletic talent to be an excellent cover corner for the team that drafts him. He has long arms that give him a unique defensive radius when trailing a receiver in coverage to make a play on the ball. He shows good change of direction skills and has nice quickness for his size. He has long legs that allow him to make up ground when he gets beat and give him deceiving make-up speed. Kyle is strong in single coverage reading receivers and doesnít get beat often on double moves. He is a willing tackler and shows leadership skills and pride through his play on the field. Kyle likes the challenge of covering the top receivers and his effort on every play on sweeps and runs to his side is very good. He tries to affect every play and is quick to recognize what an offense is trying to do against him. He has terrific hands to make the interception and is one of the few corners I have seen that make more interceptions in single coverage than he does in zone coverage. He can do that because of his ability to trail, make up ground when the ball is in the air and have his hands stick to the ball like Spiderman sticks to a wall. Itís very impressive.

Kyle struggles in zone coverages because he is focused way too much on the backfield. In zone coverage, he gets beat a lot on double moves and has to learn to use his man-to-man skills more and not stay COMPLETELY focused on looking into the backfield. He is a willing tackler, but a sloppy one when playing zone or coming up to support the run.

If youíre thinking that Kyle will have the same numbers at the combine that smaller and quicker corners have and if he doesnít, he is not a top corner in this draft, then youíre thinking is all wrong. You canít compare the longer and bigger corners to the smaller ones because a taller, bulkier player like Kyle might run a 4.5 in the forty, but covers like a player who is smaller and runs a 4.4 forty. He can jump higher and reach further, which gives him the same defensive radius of a player who might be quicker or be able to flip their hips faster. Thatís how you have to think when evaluating these taller corners. At least thatís how I think and see it. Kyle has such a smooth stride that you think he is not fast, but he is fast enough. He has such long arms that he can reach where others that may be smaller and quicker cannot. He also has a defensive radius that allows him the luxury of not flipping his hips as quickly as others do. He is an excellent athlete but compared to the normal athletic standards of the cornerback position, he is different and teams that do not take that into account will be doing themselves an injustice. I would think that any team that has to go up against big, tall receivers and those pass catching tight ends need a player with Kyleís size and athletic talents. Like I said before, if youíre looking for 4.3 speed in your corners with quick hip flips, Kyle is not your man. However, if youíre looking for a corner who is 6í2í and has the reach to defend against those tall receivers who run in the 4.4 and 4.5 range, Kyle is the guy. Kyle is an impact player and looking at his film proves it. I would think that a team in the same division of a team like (hint, hint) the Chicago Bears would think that selecting Kyle very early in this draft might be the prudent thing to do.

Drew Boylhart