Kyle Van Noy   LB   BYU


Kyle is an excellent “in space” pass rusher. He has very quick feet and a terrific burst to the ball. Kyle is moved all over the defense and at times is used as a spy on the running quarterbacks because of his ability to hunt down opponents and make plays in the open field. Kyle has good size to go along with his excellent overall athletic talent. He has the unique ability to knock blockers off balance with his speed. Once that happens, he takes advantage of his opponent to make plays in the backfield with disruptive passion. He gives you great effort on every play and is a leader through his play on the field. His burst to the ball is one of the best in this draft and I’m sure his workout numbers will stand out in this linebacker class. He is the type of defensive player that can impact if used as a specialty pass rusher and in coverage in nickel-dime packages for the team that drafts him.

Kyle misses tackles like a man keeps missing his proctologist exam. He lunges and arm tackles – he doesn’t bring his feet and players are running through him and breaking tackles like water through a sieve. He struggles now to bring down quarterbacks for sacks and once again this will be magnified at the next level. He is excellent playing in open space but once he is engaged, he struggles to get off blocks and make plays. Kyle will make a lot of plays for you but leave him on the field too long and he will give up as many big plays as he might make due to his sloppy tackling.

There is a lot to like about Kyle’s game; however, as much as there is to like, there are parts of his game that will make a near bald-headed coach pull out the last remaining hairs on his head. Good coaches will leave him on the field in passing situations or when Kyle’s team is ahead and the opponent is passing to even the score. If you leave him on the field in a close game when your team needs the ball back and the opponent is running the ball to take time off the clock, all I can say is forgetaboutit…take him off the field. Kyle can be very disruptive. He can make impact plays. I have seen him on the goal line and his effort to disrupt blocking is impressive. I have seen him set up in the slot looking like he is going to cover and then blitz into the back field and disrupt a play or sack the quarterback. In space, Kyle is an impact player. On the line against bigger offensive lineman he gives the effort and doesn’t give up, but his techniques are not very impressive. Add to that his arm tackling and lunging to tackle and you have a very talented outside linebacker who can play in any style of defense, but must improve his tackling and shedding blockers to stay on the field for every down. I like this kid’s potential but I’m not sure he will ever be an every down linebacker for the next level. Kyle reminds me a lot of the highly rated Barrett Ruud drafted in the 2nd round of the 2005 draft by Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Barrett is a solid specialty linebacker who has played for Buccaneers, Titians, Seahawks, Saints, and Texans. When Barrett came out he was considered to be one of the best linebackers of that class by everyone but me. Such is my life!

Drew Boylhart