Lache Seastrunk   RB   Baylor


Lache has excellent athletic talent to run and cut and make the big play. He has good size and quickness and shows nice vision to bounce the play outside and make yardage. Lache looks to gain the most yardage that he can, every time he handles the ball. He is a tireless runner and has the strength to handle as many carries as you need him to during a game. He will impact in a zone blocking scheme because of his speed and quickness and likes to run in space and make players miss tackles. Lache runs out of a spread offense that likes to run the ball on the edges and into space which fits Lacheís style of running perfectly. Teams that are using a lot of spread offense and a running game that attacks the edges will rate Lache higher on their boards than other teams that run more inside and between the tackles.

Iím not sure how well Lache can catch the ball or pass block. I also am not sure of Lacheís ability to read defenses and pick up blitzes. His college team doesnít use him in that capacity so I believe that these are concerns that he will have to work on and improve at the next level. Until that happens, Lache will be considered a systems running back that cannot start for the team that drafts him.

I see a lack of football intelligence that will be hard for Lache to overcome at the next level and become more than just a change up running back. Lache will drive offensive coordinators crazy because he falls in love with breaking the big play. Offensive linemen will stop giving full efforts to their blocking assignments because all Lache wants to do is break every running play to the outside to make the big play. He doesnít stay with his blocks and he breaks everything too early, before the lineman can make their blocks. He also has a bad habit of breaking all of his plays to one side of the field and teams that study tape will see this and take advantage of this lack of creativity/strategy. Lache has talent, but until he realizes how the running game of an offense fits into the overall game plan, he will not be anything more than a change-up back. If he stays with his blockers, learns to read defenses, improves his pass blocking, proves that he can catch the ball out of the backfield and is dependable, he can become an impact running back because he has excellent athletic talent and size. Lache has been in an offensive system that is perfect for his talents. Itís an offense than runs on the edges and into space; that is the type of offense Lache can impact in for the team that selects him. The problem is that not many teams in the NFL run that type of offense. They do incorporate some of the plays, but most teams donít run that system all the time. This will affect Lacheís value to teams and his draft status.

Drew Boylhart