Lamarcus Joyner   S/CB   Florida St


Lamarcus has the quick twitch thinking and athletic talent that makes him a playmaker and an impact player. He is an excellent tackler and his ability to leap high in the air allows him to play bigger than his size. He shows on film excellent quick feet and has the bulk to tackle, take the hits and not get injured at the next level. He is very smart, is a coach on the field and shows the leadership qualities needed to build your defensive backfield around him. Lamarcus is a leader and will impact on special teams as a returner or on the coverage units because of his speed, quickness and unusual strength. He has the talent to play more than one position in your back field and can defend the taller receivers on those fade patterns in the end zone because of his leaping abilities and intelligence. I call him Lamarcus (Arielas) Joyner because he is an excellent leader.

Most teams will downgrade Lamarcus because of his size. Big mistake.

There is a quote attributed to Marcus Arielas, “You have the power over your mind…not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Lamarcus has excellent athletic talent, but his mind is his true strength and it allows him to play beyond his athletic talent. He reminds me a lot of safety Jim Leonard, but with more athletic talent. Every time Jim gets cut from a team, the team that cuts him has problems in the backfield. Every time a team signs Jim, the defensive back field improves. Jim lacks the athletic talent that Lamarcus has which is why he gets cut. But Jim has that innate or natural ability to play better than his athletic talents suggest and make the players around him better. You can’t teach it. It’s natural. When you find players who have it, you bring them on your team no matter what their size is. Lamarcus is a playmaker with that innate ability to make the players around him play better. He is as smart as any coach and has the ability to decipher what is going on when a play starts faster than most players on the field. You’ve heard that expression from the great players that everything happens in slow motion. That’s what happens for Lamarcus. He plays and deciphers so quickly that everything around him feels to him like slow motion. If you need a playmaker for your defensive backfield and special teams, and a leader for your defensive backfield, I suggest you don’t hesitate to draft Lamarcus (Arielas) Joyner. He can change the course of a game on one defensive or special teams play in spite of his size.

Drew Boylhart