Logan Thomas   QB   Virginia Tech


Logan has remarkable athletic talent to play his position (or other positions) at a very high level. He has a big time arm, is tall in the pocket and possesses good speed and balance. He shows solid leadership on the field and can play in any style of offensive system because of his excellent athletic talent. Logan is the type of quarterback who wants the pressure of carrying a team and winning. He has big hands to go along with a strong arm that cold weather teams like to see in a quarterback. He stands strong in the pocket and will move the chains on third downs with his legs. He has the talent to make the franchise throw when his team needs him to step up. He can fit throws into a tight space, which makes him very dangerous in the red zone.

Logan has a lack of consistency in his mechanics which makes him very erratic with his accuracy. His biggest problem is that he needs to get his lower body to work better with his upper body. When his mechanics are right, he is extremely accurate passing the ball. Logan also needs to throw with more touch on the ball. He also is not reading defenses and, because of his arm strengthm does not trust his receivers and is waiting too long on their breaks to release the ball and make the throws. Right now Logan is trying to win games without the help or trust in his teammates. He wants to win so much that he is trying too hard and, in trying too hard, the game is not slowing down for him right now but, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Logan. You just have to wonder how long the tunnel is.

The truth is that Logan has the athletic talent to be considered as the very 1st pick in this draft. The problem is he has the inconsistency and lack of mature football intelligence of a player who you would not draft until after the 4th Round. I like him because he wants to win and I like players who want to win. I know right now Logan could be thrown onto an NFL field for four games and win two of them. That to me means he can be a backup quarterback for the team that selects him; therefore, he is draftable. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel in his last game this year. He moved the ball on third downs passing and he seemed to realize that he had to have more trust in his teammates and started to hit his receivers in stride making plays in the passing game. This makes me think that he can be more than a backup quarterback, which moves him up to at least a third round talent grade. Watching that game I realized that Logan needs some good QB coaching and, with the talent at the NFL level, he should be better in all facets of his game. Loganís athletic talent right now is more of a curse rather than a gift. His talent is far beyond the average college football player and that is another reason he is struggling at this level. Logan needs be selected by a team that has a stable coaching situation like the Packers, Broncos, Chiefs, or Eagles. I also see teams like the Bills, Steelers, Bengals, Browns and Chargers being very interested in selecting Logan also because of his immense upside. Logan needs the time for his intangibles to catch up with his athletic talents. If and when they do match up, Logan can be more than a starting quarterback. He could be a franchise quarterback. That is, the type of quarterback who can open up the running game because of his passing skills. IĎm not suggesting to you what round Logan will be selected, all I try to do is communicate what I think is Loganís ability to be successful at the next level and what round I would be willing to draft Logan in. Look at Robís value board to get a better picture of his value for all 32 teams.

Drew Boylhart