Loucheiz Purifoy   CB/S   Florida


Loucheiz is an excellent cornerback who can play multiple positions in your defensive backfield. He shows excellent quickness, football intelligence and has a large defensive radius to knock balls down because of his long arms. He is a good tackler and will come up and support the run quickly when needed. He shows strong leadership skills and has the bulk to play free safety as well as the cover skills to play cornerback. Loucheiz has the quickness and change of direction skills to cover those smaller receivers and, because of his long arms and size, has the ability to cover the larger receivers all over the field and in the red zone. Loucheiz has 1st round talent and has the cornerback skills to be an impact defensive back for the team that drafts him.

When doing a search on the internet, I came across the story regarding Loucheiz’s arrest in February 2013 for marijuana. The charges were dropped because there was no proof he owned the drugs, just that he was in the same car as the drugs. Loucheiz was suspended starting the 2013 season by his college team for failing a drug test. Loucheiz went to the combine and put up some numbers that did not match the speed and quickness that he shows in the film I have on him.

This program seems to have problems with players being arrested for using marijuana continuously. I think the coach is trying very hard to address this situation, but I suspect this problem has been going on for some time and never really addressed before this coach took over. Who knows what else this very talented cornerback has done and not been caught. Who knows how many other times charges have been dropped? For those that say we should give Loucheiz a second chance, the problem is that we don’t know if this is a second chance, third chance or more. If this is the first time Loucheiz has had problems, I suspect most teams will overlook those problems and select him in the first round. If Loucheiz has had problems with “just marijuana” I suspect that most teams will select him in the second round. If he has had other, more significant criminal activity in his past then my guess for what round he’ll be selected in will depend on whether or not that information gets out to the public. Teams will draft anyone with this type of talent early in the draft if they succeed in hiding past criminal activities from some owners and the public. I think history has proven that. In this situation, I suspect Loucheiz won’t get past the second round.

Drew Boylhart