Marqise Lee   WR   USC


Marqise has excellent overall talent, size and speed to play his position at an impact level for the team that drafts him. He has a smooth stride that can be deceiving on film. He has strong hands to catch the ball and the athletic ability to adjust to the ball in the air and make the tough catch. He does a very good job gaining yardage after the catch, has the lateral agility to make tacklers miss him in the open field and gains excellent separation when running his routes. Marquise is smart and understands situational football. He will go up and fight for the ball in the air. He is an aggressive blocker and makes his blocks with solid techniques. He has the speed to run sweeps and the mental toughness to fight through cold weather games. He will make the catch that will move the chains as well as the tough catch in the end zone for the go ahead score. Marqise has the potential to be a franchise wide receiver that can play any one of the receiver positions and will have to be accounted for on every passing play by the opponents.

Marquise has to stay healthy. His aggressive nature to gain yardage after the catch will cause leg injuries at the next level and keep him off the field. He has to learn to pick his spots when gaining extra yardage in traffic. He also must learn to use a stiff arm to keep players away from his legs in the open field. Nagging injuries will keep Marqise from becoming the franchise player his talents suggest he can become if he doesnít start protecting himself.

The key to Marqise having a successful and impacting career will be if he can stay on the field. Right now he plays with a toughness that does not match his physical capabilities. He tries to gain yardage and drag tacklers when he should just go down. Iím not suggesting he should not try to be a great player; Iím suggesting that on a down where he is eight yards short of a first down and has three players tackling him that he not try to power through them to gain those yards. Sometimes you have to just take what you can get and then wait for the next set of downs to gain those yards. Marqise is very smart when he doesnít have the ball and is running his routes or blocking; however, once he has the ball in his hands, he seems to think he can run through a brick wall. Unfortunately, the truth is that unless he can go around that wall, going through it will just get him a seat on the sidelines with a leg injury or a concussion. If I drafted Marqise, the first thing I would tell the coaches is to not to let him on the field until he learns a stiff arm. To me that will be the key to Marqise being able to stay on the field or not. A still arm will keep him from dropping his head and also keep tacklers away from his legs in the open field. Learning a good stiff arm will keep Marqise healthy, on the field and able to impact. Iím calling him Marqise (Stiff Arm) Lee because he better learn one if he wants to stay on the field and be successful.

Drew Boylhart