Martavis Bryant   WR   Clemson


Martavis is a tall, long-legged receiver with terrific speed who catches the ball with his hands out in front of his body. He has excellent run after the catch skills and the athletic ability to adjust to the ball in the air. He is clutch at catching the deep ball down the field with a player hanging all over him. Martavis is smart when running after the catch, using a stiff arm to keep players away from his legs to gain the needed yardage and move the chains on third downs. He has the athletic talent along with the deep speed and lateral agility to run routes with the fluidity that the top receivers must possess to be successful at the next level. He has the hands to snatch the ball out of the air at its highest point and the strength in his hands to secure the ball when others will lose control. Martavis has the potential to be a franchise number one wide receiver for the team that drafts him.

Martavis hasnít been ďThe GuyĒ for his team. This means that he hasnít been under the same kind of game planning pressure other receivers on his team have experienced. He also is in 3, 4 and 5 receiver sets that put him up against single coverage and athletic talent that will not sniff the NFL. That means he doesnít read defenses or hasnít seen too much double coverage. Although he has been hit and still managed to catch passes in traffic, Martavis hasnít been hit like he will be hit at the next level. He has a lot to learn about running routes and changing speeds to gain separation. Martavis also needs to give better effort blocking for his teammates as he has the ability, but must stay with his blocks longer and be quicker to his assignment.

The way Martavis plays I get the impression that he is anxious to get out from under the shadow of his famous teammate. Iím not saying he is not a good teammate -- I just think that sometimes on the field he wants his number called more and wants to be more than just another receiver in the mix. I donít see anything wrong with that because I didnít see a prima donna attitude, I see frustration. There is a big difference. Martavis will be more impacting at the NFL level than he was at the college level. He will learn quickly and is the type of receiver who will be a weapon all over the field. In the middle of the field, he has the speed to go deep and in the red zone, he will use his strength, height, length and hands to be a touchdown maker. By the time we get to the draft, donít be surprised if some teams rate Martavis as a possible top ten pick. In fact, donít be surprised if some teams, because of Martavis size and speed, rate him ahead of his very famous playmaking teammate. I know that might be a shock to some of you out there, but itís a definite possibility. I think of it this way: would you rather bring a dagger or a sword to a fight? Sammieís the dagger, Martavis is the sword. For me personally, Iíd rather bring a sword. Then again, if itís a gun fight, youíre crap out of luck with either. Both of these players should be excellent players for the teams that draft them.

Drew Boylhart