Morgan Moses   OT   Virginia


Morgan has solid enough athletic talent to play right tackle for the team that selects him. He has long arms and when he uses the correct techniques, he is a pretty good pass blocker. He shows good foot movement to go out to the second level and make blocks. When he gets low, he can move defensive ends and tackles on the goal line and in third and short situations. Morgan could also play left tackle in the right system. He has the talent to be used on both sides of the offensive line, which makes his value more appealing to most of the teams in this draft. When Moses is challenged, he steps up and plays better than you would expect.

Morgan is not in NFL football shape. He has to get a lot stronger in his lower and upper body. Right now, due to his lack of strength, he struggles with anyone he is up against that has good second moves. He is off balance a lot and struggles to finish his blocks. When he starts to get beat, he gets down on himself and isnít able to turn the page and step it up a notch because he doesnít have confidence in his techniques and relies mostly on his athletic ability. When his athletic abilities start to fail, he has no answer how to compete, which frustrates him. He struggles to recover because of his lack of strength and mental stamina. Iím not sure heís ready to compete at the next level for a 16 game schedule. Nevertheless, Morgan has the talent to be an NFL tackle with some solid coaching and a focused strength and conditioning program.

There is good development talent here for an excellent right tackle and, in the future, a possible left tackle. However, as I said, Morgan needs to get serious about playing at the next level. Mentally, Morgan reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills left tackle Cody Glenn when he came out. Their body types are different, but their athletic talent and level of mental stamina is about the same also. Cordy has turned into a pretty good left tackle with still more work to do physically and I feel that Morgan can do the same. Sometimes players just need to know where they stand and get better direction; once they have that, they blossom. I think Morgan has a good work ethic and wants to get better. He showed that at the Senior Bowl where he was challenged by the coaches and showed that he blossomed in those opportunities. I donít think Morgan will last long in the second round and, if he keeps improving in workouts, he could sneak into the first round. It all depends if there is a run on offensive tackles and how much the teams at the end of the first round still have a need for offensive tackles.

Drew Boylhart