Odell Beckham   WR/ST   LSU


Odell has the athletic skills to be an impact player for the team that drafts him. He has the speed, quickness, lateral agility and excellent hands to catch the ball to be the type of receiver you can build your passing offense around. Odell has the body control to adjust to the ball in the air and make the tough down the field catch. He runs excellent routes and this along with his quickness and strong hands allows him to be open on just about any pass play. He has solid run after the catch skills, is smart and uses a stiff arm to keep players away from his legs in the open field. Odell runs strong routes and doesn’t get pushed off his routes or handled on the shorter routes. He understands how to protect himself and knows where he is on the field and the yardage he needs to gain to keep the offense on the field. He is smart and knows how to “work” a cornerback to impact in the passing game on a deep ball in the 4th quarter. Odell has the potential to be a franchise receiver for the team that drafts him. I call him Odell (Iceman) Beckham because when he runs his routes he’s so quick he freezes his opponents right in their tracks trying to cover him.

Odell is not perfect. He doesn’t block very well. He also doesn’t show that much interest in learning to block any better than he does right now. He has to improve in this area to become a better teammate. Truth is, you’re not drafting him for his blocking.

Odell is a weapon in the passing game and also as a returner on special teams. As long as he can stay healthy I see nothing in his play on the field that makes me think that the money will go to his head and Odell will stop trying to improve and become the impact player his talents suggest he can become. Believe it or not, there are teams that feel drafting a wide receiver in the first round is not a smart move because they feel that you can find a high quality receiver at any pick in the draft. The problem with that theory is, if you pass on a player like Odell you are passing on a receiver with unique athletic talent to go along with his receiving skills and that you don’t find in just any round in a draft. I always say draft the obvious when it comes to the draft. Draft the players that everyone sees their potential is obvious and then leave it up to the player to become the player he can become. If Odell winds up being a bust at the next level it won’t be because he was selected in the first round or for that matter in any other round. It will be because Odell didn’t want to be the best. My advice? Don’t let Odell (Iceman) Beckham freeze you into not drafting him early in this draft. #bigmistake

Drew Boylhart