Stanley Jean-Baptiste   CB   Nebraska


Stanley has the length, speed and athletic skills to be an impact cornerback, safety or cover linebacker in nickel-dime situations for the team that selects him. He shows on film good quickness to flip his hips and the defensive radius to trail receivers and still make a play on the ball in single coverage. What I like the most about Stanley is that he fights and gets off blocks to make tackles. He likes to tackle low and that makes him fearless. He has those long arms and legs that allow him to have a big defensive radius. He can shut down the bigger receivers and, although not as quick as the smaller receivers he will stay with them and make the tackle to limit those troublesome run after the catch plays. Stanley exhibits good leadership on the field and has the strength and bulk to move inside in nickel-dime packagers to shut down pass catching tight ends that seem to gain big yardage running down the slot on third and long downs. Stanley has the ability to be an impact franchise defensive back for the team that drafts him because he can play multiple positions for you in different defensive schemes and can defend and tackle.

Foolish teams might look at Stanleyís numbers at the combine and downgrade him. That will be as big a mistake as teams made when analyzing Kam Chancellor (see Archive 2010 draft). Stanley plays faster than he will time and I suspect he will time in the 4.50, 4.60 area for 40 yards. Nevertheless he will be nitpicked and downgraded because of the position he played in college.

Stanley reminds me a lot of Kam Chancellor selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the 5th round of the 2010 draft. Stanley has better cover skills than Kam did coming out, but they are a lot alike in every other aspect of HOW they play their position. Stanley has excellent football instincts and intelligence. He will make the tough tackle and will make the impact play in coverage. He will be excellent defending in the red zone in single coverage. Stanley will be a player defensive coordinators will use all over the field in coverage and even as a spy on the bigger athletic running quarterbacks. He can become an excellent cover safety as well as cover cornerback on big athletic receivers, but his true strength will be his ability to be used in multiple positions on defense up on the line of scrimmage or off the line of scrimmage. He is very underrated right now, but I suspect the closer we get to the draft, the more you will hear about him. Stanley is a impact player hiding in plain sight in a big college program. Thatís my definition of a sleeper. He can play corner or safety or be used as a cover safety in nickel-dime packages or as your spy on nickel-dime to shut down those athletic strong running quarterbacks. So you tell me, in what round would you draft a player with this type of talent? I think itís a no brainer on where to draft Stanley! Thatís why Iím calling him Stanley (Duh) Jean-Baptiste. To me you donít pass on talent and intangibles like this in a draft for very longÖduh!

Drew Boylhart